Student Resources

Student International Fellowships, Research, & Scholarships

Students interested in receiving an international fellowship or scholarship post-graduation or external financial support for an education abroad experience through Emerson College may apply for several awards in the Office of Internationalization and Equity.

Faculty & Staff Resources

Curriculum Internationalization & Inclusion Studio

An essential component of Emerson's internationalization work focuses on our commitment to internationalizing the curriculum of the college. The Presidential Fund for Curricular Innovation supports faculty participation in the Curriculum Internationalization & Inclusion Studio.

Lead a Global Pathways Program at Emerson

Learn how to develop an international program. Leading an education abroad program can be enriching for you and the students alike. Faculty and staff of Emerson College proposing a new education abroad or global engagement program (credit or non-credit bearing) are required to submit an initial program proposal for review to the Office of Internationalization and Equity.