Filming Policies

All Emerson College students must follow these policies while filming film/video or recording audio on Emerson College property, public property, and private property, and must follow these procedures to secure permission from the appropriate parties.

Permit Requests

Students should submit the appropriate permit request to the Equipment Distribution Center (EDC) manager at least one week prior to a location shoot. Forms are available at the Equipment Distribution Center (EDC) as well.


EDC Parking Request Form

If you are planning on using a vehicle (including rideshares) to pick up or return equipment, you must complete an EDC Parking Request Form at least one week in advance. 

  • If you have trouble accessing the Parking Request Form, please ensure that you are logged into Google with your Emerson credentials.
  • We cannot reserve you a spot until the form has been submitted.

Talent Release Form

The Talent Release Form for Emerson College to use, reproduce, copy, exhibit, or distribute video tapes, audio tapes, photographs, or computer files.

Production Safety Forms

All student film or video productions for VMA classes, co-curriculars or student organizations, must fill out a safety form. The safety form can be found on ecommon, at this link, https://emerson.edu/students/student-life. There you will find the "Film Safety Form" under “Handbooks and Forms.”

Students fill out the form in order to raise issues concerning safety. The form requires information about the shoot including locations, crew, actors, scene description, shoot dates and safety questions.

All safety questions require a “Yes” or “No” answer. If the answer is “Yes” then a brief description of the safety concern is required. A “Yes” answer does not mean the student will not be able to shoot the idea. It opens up a dialogue with VMA’s interim Director of Production and Safety, Homa Sarabi.

In order to check equipment out of the EDC, students must show an approved safety form. Students should contact Homa Sarabi (homa_sarabidaunais [at] emerson.edu) with any questions regarding film safety or this procedure.

Additional Forms