Our students learn by doing, both in formal classroom settings and through extracurricular activities. An average of 500 students a week use the Di Bona Family Television Studio and Vin and Cara Di Bona Control Room to grow their skills in film, video, and other creative mediums. Fourteen original shows regularly utilize the studios: a variety of talk shows and news shows, a narrative mini-series, and a live music show. These technical spaces play a pivotal role in providing students the opportunity to create their own work and collaborate with one another.

The studios are linked with the Journalism Production Center, the Emerson Television Channels, The Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Gym, and the Cutler Majestic Theatre.

Our Studios

Tufte Television Studios

Located on the 8th floor of the Tufte Performance and Production Center (PPC) is the Di Bona Family Production Studio “A” and the Teaching Studio “B.” Both studios feature spacious soundstages equipped with GrassValley production switchers, Venice Playback Servers, Chyron character generation, and more.

Journalism Production Center

The JPC is located on the 6th floor of the Walker Building (120 Boylston St.), featuring classroom, production, and post-production facilities. The JPC Control Room and Studio feature the Ross Overdrive Automated Production System— an industry-leading studio system which includes automated cameras and graphics.

Studio Policies & Forms

All productions occurring within the Tufte PPC Studios and JPC Studios must abide by Emerson College, MTP, and VMA/Journalism shooting policies. To review these policies, or download studio plots or space permits, click the link below.