The department of Design and Integration has been a part of the MTP ecosystem since 2016. As a provider of support for renovation projects at Emerson, this area is crucial for the functionality and upkeep of facilities. Some requirements can be technical details such as lighting adjustment, acoustic management, noise mitigation, security and certifications. Moreover, the department of Design and Integration has been an important foundation for many other MTP managed facilities including, Emerging Media Lab (EML), Journalism Production Center (JPC), TUFTE Performance and Production Center (PPC), Emerson Productions and Post Production Facilities. 

The projects executed by Design and Integration are aimed to understand the needs and concerns of every client (area managers). The Design and Integration project manager must grasp what clients are looking to achieve as well as listen to their recommendations and experiences. Once both have come to an agreement, a design plan can be created and executed.

All projects are different and can be more or less complex. Some involve specialized work which includes wiring, labeling, dressing, configuring, documenting, testing and conforming. The ability to work within different budget sizes is key, which is why the project manager has to communicate with contractors, vendors and manufacturers. The combination of multiple moving pieces ensures a successful completion of different Emerson projects.