Emerson Stage, the Performing Arts Department (for the live performance stages), and VMA (for the Bright Family Screening Room) require these venues as part of their core missions and curricula. These require events will be booked directly with Office of the Arts as part of OA’s annual space planning.

All other events must be individually sponsored through each department.

Faculty and Academic Users


If a Faculty or Staff member would like to organize and book an event in an Office of the Arts venue, they must submit all event information to their department representative for consideration. If it meets the department’s criteria, the department’s representative will contact Office of the Arts. The request will then be vetted to determine costs and availability of space. If you do not have a department representative, please email OAVenueInquiries [at] emerson.edu (OAVenueInquiries[at]emerson[dot]edu).

Please note that Spacebook does not always reflect availability of Office of the Arts spaces. To check availability, please contact your department representative.


Requests are accepted on a rolling basis. Requestors are encouraged to apply at least 6 weeks prior to the date of their event, as a cash late fee will be added for any request that is made fewer than 21 days of the date requested. Please include a cash account number from which this fee can be deducted.


Office of the Arts has a directive from the college to support internal college events. As a result, all billing takes place interdepartmentally between the Office of the Arts business office, and Emerson College’s Finance Department. All charges are placed on an 85000 which supersedes all departmental cash accounts.

While these post in banner, funds are not deducted from any department cash accounts. If for any reason funds have been deducted, please contact Office of the Arts to discuss. Please note that if a late fee is added, this is a cash deduction and will be deducted from the department cash account.

Any hard costs (rentals, catering, alcohol service) are the sole responsibility of the organizing department. While Office of the Arts can make arrangements, payment must go through the event organizer.