Emerson College currently recognizes nine fraternity and sorority organizations: four sororities, two fraternities, and three co-educational fraternities. Each organization is unique with its own traditions and values, but each shares a commitment to scholarship, friendship, philanthropy, community service, and involvement.

Alpha Epsilon Phi

Alpha Epsilon Phi is a national sorority founded in 1909 to promote esteem and sorority fidelity. AEPhi Beta Alpha Chapter is composed of a diverse group of women brought together by their common values of honesty, philanthropy, scholarship, leadership, tradition, pride, fun, sisterhood, and growth. As a social sorority, AEPhi organizes sister and Emerson events, as well as devotes time to local and national philanthropies. The sisters of the Beta Alpha Chapter at Emerson are especially dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, raising thousands to help the cause. As a national sorority, AEPhi works with other local chapters and participates in AEPhi’s annual National Convention. Alpha Epsilon Phi provides a lifetime bond of friendship and sisterhood. AEPhi is accepting of all students who identify as women, regardless of gender assigned at birth.

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Alpha Phi Omega

Founded in 2013, Alpha Phi Omega (APO) is a national service all-gender fraternity composed of college students gathered together in an organization based on fraternalism and founded on the principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service and its aim is to further the freedom that is our national, educational, and intellectual heritage. Its purpose is to develop leadership, promote friendship, and provide service to humanity. APO is inclusive of all gender identity.

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Delta Kappa Alpha

Emerson's chapter of DKA was created in spring 2016 by a small collection of filmmakers, passionate about creating a place on campus to foster lifelong character, collaborative and creative storytelling, ethical and productive business practices, philanthropic action, and fraternal bonds by and between students of the cinematic arts. United by a common interest of professional development in the cinematic arts and collaboration through strong moral character, the organization looks to provide a place for Emerson filmmakers to find who they are as creators, storytellers, and members of society. DKA is inclusive of all gender identity.

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Kappa Gamma Chi

A professional sorority founded at Emerson in 1902, Kappa Gamma Chi is committed to serving the College and local community by fostering the development of professional, strong, and independent women. The sisters expect and demand the highest standards for every active member. As primary organizers of Emerald Empowerment, a week dedicated to bringing awareness of abuse and assault, Kappa has cemented itself and its members as a valuable asset to the college community. Kappa Gamma Chi is accepting of all students who identify as women, regardless of gender assigned at birth.

Phi Alpha Tau

Founded in 1902, Phi Alpha Tau is the nation’s oldest professional communicative arts fraternity. Originally created to foster debate, Tau has evolved with Emerson over the past 115 years to include all areas of the communicative arts. The fraternity gives the Joseph E. Connor Award and the Dr. David Brudnoy Memorial Award to outstanding leaders in the communicative arts and in Boston’s community. Tau is accepting of all students who identify as men, regardless of gender assigned at birth.

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Sigma Alpha Epsilon

The Massachusetts Epsilon chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Emerson College is a social based fraternity that maintains the highest standards of a true gentleman. Through philanthropy, community service, and social outreach, the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon aim to maintain the values of a fraternity that has been around 161 years.

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Sigma Pi Theta

Sigma Pi Theta is a local, social sorority that was established at Emerson College in 1979. Sigma Pi Theta acts as a support group for anyone at Emerson who feels comfortable joining a sorority. It is dedicated to stimulating unity, growth, support, and awareness among female-identifying and non-binary individuals. It encourages the growth of the individual, the sorority, and the College community via workshops, activities, and social events held throughout the year.

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Xi Gamma Nu

Xi Gamma Nu was established to cultivate academic excellence, alumnae engagement, character development, open mindedness, and inclusion among the women of Emerson College. Gamma seeks to combine both professional and social sorority standards, and having been established in a modern era, Gamma allows for new members to contribute in a meaningful way to develop traditions in our sisterhood. Based on our core value of character development, Gammas believe that leadership lies in every woman, and further, every woman deserves a space on campus to develop that skill. Xi Gamma Nu is accepting of all students who identify as women, regardless of gender assigned at birth.

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Zeta Phi Eta

Zeta Phi Eta, established at Emerson College in 1908, is a national professional coed fraternity in the communication arts and sciences. Founded at Northwestern University in 1893, Zeta Phi Eta is the oldest national group of its kind. Since that time, Zeta has bonded together individuals committed to high standards in the communication arts and sciences, while providing opportunities for sharing professional interests through worthwhile activities. The sisters and brothers of Zeta Phi Eta are strongly involved with the campus community, in addition to working with many outside organizations, such as the AIDS Action Committee and the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. Zeta is inclusive of all gender identity.

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