The Center for Spiritual Life (172 Tremont Street, 4th floor) offers quiet, peaceful spaces for spiritual and religious practices. Our Reflection Room (pictured above) is regularly used for events such as guided meditations, prayer services of many faiths, and sacred text studies. Emerson community members can request reservations via SpaceBook.

Our Private Prayer and Meditation Room (also on the 4th floor of 172 Tremont Street) is open anytime for individual usage and daily prayer practices. There is a dividing wall for two individuals to use the room simultaneously and no reservation is needed to use the room. The room faces in the direction of Mecca and prayer rugs are also provided to support Muslims in prayer. 

An ablution room in the Center for Spiritual Life is also available for wudu, or ritual ablution, before prayer. To access the ablution room after business hours, please contact spiritual_life [at] (spiritual_life[at]emerson[dot]edu).