Dear Emersonian,

All of us in the Division of Student Affairs are committed to creating a positive and impactful educational experience for our students.  As you live, work, learn, create and play on campus, we will do our best to ensure all members of the community feel welcome, safe and supported.  We are fortunate to have a plethora of faculty and staff dedicated to supporting students, and hopefully you will always find a host of individuals to call on for advocacy or advice.  If you are ever looking for support and not sure where to start, my colleagues and I in the Campus Life Office are available to answer questions, provide advocacy and get you connected in the right places.  

The information provided on college policies and student conduct is offered in the spirit of creating a healthy, safe and inclusive campus where you have the opportunity to maximize your personal potential and pursue your educational dreams. Please take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with these expectations and procedures.  Residential students should pay particular attention to the policies specific to living on campus.

Your Emerson experience is waiting for you, and we cannot wait to see you make the most of it.

Have a great semester,

Jim Hoppe (he/him/his)
Vice President & Dean for Campus Life