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Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center is devoted to helping students navigate their journey through college. In group sessions and individual meetings, students explore options, define educational goals, and develop an academic plan to achieve their goals. The services provided by the AAC are available to all undergraduate students. Students meet with an advisor to:

  • discuss educational goals
  • understand academic requirements, policies, and procedures
  • receive guidance with course selection and registration
  • seek support and referrals when having difficulty with a course
  • plan ahead to incorporate Emerson external programs (e.g. Kasteel Well, LA), a minor, an internship, an early graduation, or any other academic goal

Overall, the Academic Advising Center is available to help students make the most of their college experience.

Contact Us: 180 Tremont Street, 4th floor, 617-824-7876

Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs oversees all academic-related activities. It is responsible for academic policies and procedures, accreditation, strategic planning, assessment of student learning, faculty development, program reviews, academic departments and student support offices including the School of Communication, School of the Arts, the Marlboro Institute of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies, and graduate programs.

Access, Equity, & Title IX

Access, Equity, & Title IX coordinates Emerson’s compliance with Title IX, VAWA, the Clery Act and the College’s Power-based Interpersonal Violence Policy. Coordination includes receiving complaints and monitoring the complaint and investigation process, monitoring outcomes, identifying and addressing patterns, and assessing the effect on campus climate. If you have questions about Title IX or the Title IX process please contact the Title IX Coordinator.

Access, Equity, & Title IX: 180 Tremont Street, 4th floor, 617-824-8999, oeo [at] emerson.edu (oeo[at]emerson[dot]edu)

Alumni Relations

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations and the Emerson College Alumni Association work together to maintain contact with alumni through a variety of social, professional growth, and community service opportunities. The office enables students and alumni to benefit from the experience of all Emerson alumni and others with extensive professional skills and knowledge through ongoing and annual events such as Alumni Weekend, the Bright Lights Screening Series, and the New York Connection, as well as regional events. Alumni Relations works closely with the Office of Career Services to connect students with appropriate alumni for mentoring and networking.

Office of Alumni Relations, 99 Summer Street 9th floor, 617-824-8535

Athletics and Recreation

The Athletic Department conducts the campus intercollegiate and recreational programs. Athletics at Emerson is an opportunity for student-athletes to compliment their academic pursuits with participation in a highly competitive athletic experience. Life lessons such as teamwork, self-discipline, dependability, time management, commitment and dedication are gained through athletic participation at Emerson.

Athletics at Emerson offers 14 NCAA Division III Intercollegiate Programs, and is a member of the highly competitive New England Men’s and Women’s Athletic Conference (NEWMAC). The Lions field competitive teams in:

  • Men: Baseball, Basketball, Cross-Country, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball
  • Women: Basketball, Cross-Country, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball


The Emerson Intramural Program provides opportunities for a variety of fun and competitive activities and a great way to meet fellow students.  Students are encouraged to participate in as many events as possible to improve fitness and enhance social opportunities.

Emerson Lions Athletics: 150 Boylston Street, Lower Level 2, 617-824-8690

Bias Response Program

The Bias Response Program is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Provide resources and support to those affected by bias incidents.
  • Develop and deliver programs and educational opportunities for the Emerson Community to prevent or eliminate bias activity.
  • Advise the College Community about the occurrence of incidents of bias, as appropriate. The community may be informed of a single incident at the time of occurrence and/or aggregate data on reports occurring each academic year. Aggregate data on bias reports will be posted to the Office of Diversity & Inclusion webpage.
  • Inform the Emerson Community about how bias incidents will generally be handled, with particular attention to the experience of Emerson students. The protocol for bias response will be posted to emerson.edu/bias.
  • Make referrals to campus resources, as needed.

Bias Response Program: 120 Boylston Street, 10th floor, 617-824-8528


The Barnes & Noble @ Emerson College Bookstore carries course books, as well as an extensive inventory of general reading and reference books, Emerson insignia gifts and apparel, and school and office supplies.

Barnes & Noble @ Emerson College Bookstore: 114 Boylston Street, 617-824-8696

Career Development Center

Career Development Center provides programs, services, and other resources to help you integrate and present classroom and co-curricular experiences in preparation for an internship, graduate school, or employment.

The Career Services team can help guide you along your unique career path. Whether you are a first-year student unsure about your career plans, a junior seeking an internship in your chosen field, or a graduating student starting your job search, Career Services can help.

Career Development Center: 216 Tremont Street, 6th floor, 617-824-8586

Emerson Wellness Center

The Emerson College Emerson Wellness Center (EWC) provides care for the immediate health needs of students and provides clinical evaluations and follow-up treatment, wellness counseling, and education services by appointment Monday through Friday during the academic year. The center’s services and programs also reflect an effort to promote conditions in the academic environment that permit and encourage optimum physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

IF A MEDICAL EMERGENCY ARISES, contact 911. This will activate the city’s medical emergency response team.

Emerson Wellness Center: 216 Tremont Street, 3rd floor, 617-824-8666

Center for Spiritual Life

The Center for Spiritual Life is an inclusive, multifaith hub for religious and spiritual programming, support, and education for the Emerson community. In addition to supporting student religious groups, we offer one on one spiritual counseling and secular mindfulness trainings across the campus.

The Center for Spiritual Life: 172 Tremont Street, Suite 408, 617-824-8036, spiritual_life [at] emerson.edu (spiritual_life[at]emerson[dot]edu)

Community Standards

The Office of Community Standards provides students with individualized opportunities for growth so that they may develop into engaged and ethical citizens. Our community standards are based on respect for oneself and others, as well as respect for diversity, our campus community, and the greater community. Our conduct process is at its core, a learning experience. We aim to provide students with opportunities to learn from their actions and decisions through thoughtful conversations and intentional sanctions. In addition, we strive to provide learning opportunities for the entire campus community through proactive programming.Our goal for students is that they individually hold themselves accountable for their actions, both positive and negative, and that they inspire others to abide by Emerson’s community standards. Our approach is rooted in care, concern, compassion, and patience. Recognizing that we are all individuals with diverse experiences, we engage in dialogue and encourage students to reflect on how their actions impact others. Our belief is that communicating truthfully and taking ownership of our actions exhibits moral courage. We do not believe that a student’s college experience is defined by involvement in a difficult incident, rather, it is shaped by how they choose to respond.

Office of Community Standards: 120 Boylston Street, 4th floor, 617-824-8620

Counseling Services

Emerson Counseling Services is available for Emerson students to discuss personal concerns, family problems, or other psychological/ mental health issues. ECAPS serves as a resource to assist students in developing to their potential and removing obstacles that interfere with their success. To achieve this goal, a variety of services are provided, which include: short-term psychotherapy, support and therapy groups, crisis intervention, and psychiatric consultation and medication management for students in ongoing psychotherapy in ECAPS. The professional staff at ECAPS are Massachusetts-licensed psychologists, social workers, or marriage and family therapists. If an assessment indicates that a student would benefit from more frequent or long-term therapy, the staff will assist the student by making a referral to local agencies, private psychotherapists, or psychiatrists.

ECAPS’ clinical services are confidential. The staff considers issues of student privacy to be of utmost importance. No information is given to anyone, inside or outside of the College, without the student’s knowledge or consent within the guidelines of professional ethics or as required by Massachusetts State Law.

After-Hours Telephone Crisis Service: Emerson students who have an urgent concern when ECAPS is closed can call 833-434-1217 after hours and talk to a licensed therapist on the phone via our ECAPS Crisis Service line. The therapist will talk with students, provide emotional support, call for emergency services if needed, and provide information about resources on campus for further help.

External Program Telephone Crisis Service: Students who are attending external programs, such as Kasteel Well, Emerson Los Angeles, Berklee Valencia, and Washington, DC, can call 617-824-8755 to talk to a licensed therapist. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Counseling Services: 216 Tremont Street, 2nd floor, 617-824-8595

Cultural Center

The Cultural Center was established to enhance the educational, cultural, and social needs of the campus community. It is the site of a variety of formal and informal events for students, faculty, and staff. The student organizations EBONI (Emerson’s Black Organization with Natural Interests), Amigos (the Latino student organization), ASIA (Emerson’s Asian Students for Intercultural Awareness), and EAGLE (Emerson’s Alliance for Gays, Lesbians, and Everyone) are housed here. The Cultural Center is available for use by student organizations recognized by Emerson College and academic and administrative departments. The facility can be reserved for special cultural/diverse events, meetings, and educational purposes.

Cultural Center: 172 Tremont Street, Room 406, 617-824-8642

Emerson College Police Department (ECPD)

Emerson College Police Department is committed to protecting the student body, staff, and faculty and to enhancing the quality of campus life by creating a safe, secure, and welcoming environment through the community policing concept.

The Emerson College Police Department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ECPD officers are sworn in as both Massachusetts Special State Police Officers and Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs. These police powers allow Emerson police officers full police authority on property used, owned, or occupied by Emerson College. These police powers also expand officers' jurisdiction to maintain the security of College property and advance the safety and well-being of members of the Emerson College community.

Other items ECPD oversees include:

  • Clery Act
  • Communicating Disaster and Crisis Information
  • Timely Warnings
  • Community Policing
  • Safety Escorts
  • Fingerprinting
  • Self Defense Programs
  • Operation ID
  • Community Liaison Program
  • Lost and Found
  • Taxi Vouchers
  • Safety Tips
  • Photo IDs

Emerson College Police Department: 80 Boylston Street

Education Abroad And Domestic Programs

Education Abroad & Domestic Programs is committed to providing Emerson students with opportunities to explore their academic goals and expand their cultural knowledge in international settings and global environments.

Education Abroad and Domestic Programs: 120 Boylston Street, 10th floor, 617-824-8567

Fitness Center

The Emerson College Fitness Center (ECFC) offers exercise and wellness programs designed to meet the fitness goals of the Emerson College community. The ECFC provides state-of-the-art strength training, cardiovascular, and free-weight equipment as well as a studio where a daily schedule of group fitness classes are offered. Men’s and women’s locker rooms are also available, providing saunas, showers, and daily lockers.

Fitness Center: 52 Summer Street/Arch Street, 617-824-8692

Food and Dining

Emerson strives to create warm, friendly dining spaces with diverse menus for students, staff, and faculty, so that everyone has a slice of home.

Food and Dining

Emerson Meal Plan

Healing and Advocacy Collective

Healing and Advocacy Collective works with all Emerson students (domestic and international, undergraduate and graduate) who want to learn more about violence prevention through social justice, community-building, and activism.

Healing and Advocacy Collective also offers free and confidential advocacy, support, and counsel for anyone who has been impacted by power–based interpersonal violence, including:

  • Sexual assault and harassment
  • Stalking and threats
  • Abusive relationship and bullying

We believe you. You’re not to blame. You’re not alone. We’re here for you.

Healing and Advocacy Collective: 150 Boylston Street, Room 240, 617-824-8857

Housing and Residential Education

The Office of Housing and Residential Education has overall responsibility for services and programs within the residence halls and maintains all housing records including room assignments, contracts, room selection information, and residence life conduct documentation and response.

Emerson College’s residence hall community is composed of a dynamic, diverse, and talented group of people. Within this community, the potential for learning and personal growth abounds. Educational experiences and possibilities exist through participation in the community and through interaction with other community members. Each student has a responsibility to be a part of developing and maintaining a community that is respectful of others and supports the College’s academic mission.

  • Learn more about Emerson's Residence Halls
  • Learn more about Emerson's Learning Communities

Housing and Residential Education, 120 Boylston Street, 4th floor, 617-824-8620

Intercultural Student Affairs (ICSA)

Intercultural Student Affairs (ICSA) supports the holistic development of African, Latinx, Asian, Native American, Multiracial, New American and LGBTQ+ students. ICSA staff members are available to discuss academic, cultural, personal, and social concerns with students as they transition and integrate into the community and throughout their entire careers at Emerson. ICSA advises many cultural organizations and supports all organizations whose missions focus on topics in close alignment with the mission of the department. Additionally, the department presents a variety of equity and justice programs and discussions and cultural community gatherings throughout the academic year.

Intercultural Student Affairs: 120 Boylston Street, 4th floor, 617-824-8620

International Student Affairs

Students may visit the Office of International Student Affairs to have their immigration forms processed; receive advice regarding I-20’s, practical training, work permits; and discuss issues related to academics, adjusting to the United States, social/cultural opportunities or other personal concerns. All new international students must must check in with the office during the first two weeks of the semester to complete their files.

International Student Affairs: 120 Boylston Street, 10th floor, 617-824-7858

Iwasaki Library

The Iwasaki Library promotes scholarship and creative work in communication and the arts by providing a diverse collection of resources and instruction in their use. Library staff connect you with information, ideas, and technologies to encourage creativity and life-long learning.

The Emerson College Archives and Special Collections (ECASC) is dedicated to collecting, preserving, exhibiting, and providing access to institutional records that document the history of the College and its diverse community.

You can contact Emerson Librarians in person on the 3rd floor of the Walker Building, by email at reference [at] emerson.edu, by phone, or by chat on the Library’s website.

Iwasaki Library: 120 Boylston Street 3rd Floor, 617-824-8668

Lacerte Family Writing and Academic Resource Center (WARC)

The Writing and Academic Resource Center supports all members of the Emerson community by developing personalized strategies for academic success. Our mission is to develop confident and independent writers and learners by providing resources for intellectual growth and academic support.

The WARC: 216 Tremont Street, 5th floor, 617-824-7874

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer, Questioning (LGBTQ+) Student Resources

The Director of Intercultural Student Affairs (ICSA) provides consultation, education, information, and advocacy services to LGBTQ+ students. Additionally, LGBTQ+ student organizations including EAGLE (Emerson Alliance of Gays Lesbians and Everyone) and SheCult (Art Collective for Queer Women and Femmes) are advised and supported by the Director of Intercultural Student Affairs.  

See also Intercultural Student Affairs.

LGBTQ+ Student Resources (Intercultural Student Affairs): 172 Tremont Street, 4th floor, 617-824-8620

Max Mutchnick Campus Center

The Max Mutchnick Campus Center is available to all Emerson community members to gather and utilize its services. The Campus Center features the following:

  • Campus Center Lobby
  • Information Booth
  • Max Cafe
  • Student Lounge
  • Quiet Lounge
  • Organization Mailboxes and Club Storage Cubbies
  • Off-Campus Student Lockers (undergraduate)
  • Graduate Student Lockers
  • Multiple meeting rooms
  • Cultural Center
  • Reflection Room
  • Piano Practice Rooms
  • Print Production Rooms

Max Mutchnick Campus Center: 150 Boylston Street, 617-824-8680

Media Technologies and Production (MTP)

Media Technologies and Production (MTP) at Emerson supports the formal academic curriculum and faculty and students with a wide array of video, audio, film, photography, and new media facilities and equipment as well as a highly skilled professional staff. Facilities and services include: Tufte Performance and Production Center TV studios; Journalism Production Center; Paramount Center Film Soundstage; digital editing labs and editing suites; audio production and post­production facilities; and video and audio recording equipment vended from the Equipment Distribution Center. In addition to supporting the academic programs throughout the College, the unit also oversees The Emerson Channels, Emerson’s closed–circuit and streamed television network, and provides technical support to WERS-FM, Emerson’s award–winning and highly popular broadcast radio station.

Media Technologies and Production (MTP): 120 Boylston Street, 2nd floor, 617-824-8801

Orientation (Undergraduate)

Undergraduate Orientation strives to help our new students begin to become more comfortable and better prepared to take on the various academic and social challenges associated with entering a new and unfamiliar environment. The Undergraduate New Student Orientation program is committed to: Diversity and Inclusion; General Health, Wellness, and Safety; Sustainability; and Creating a Culture of Respect and Responsibility. These four pillars guide our work and goals. The Orientation program also serves as a leadership development opportunity for our upper-class students who serve on Core Staff and as Orientation Leaders.

Orientation: 120 Boylston Street, 4th floor, 617-824-8638

Information on Graduate Student Orientation

Off-Campus Student Services

The Office of Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS) is committed to facilitating the successful civic growth of the College’s off-campus student population. Through various programs and services, OCSS effectively connects and communicates with those Emerson students who reside with their families or in homes and apartments throughout the city of Boston. The work of OCSS is focused on providing off-campus students with non-College affiliated housing resources and co-curricular involvement opportunities that successfully support their academic lives.

OCSS counsels and encourages off-campus students to serve as responsible roommates, tenants, and contributing members of the Greater Boston and Emerson College communities.

Office of Off-Campus Student Services: 120 Boylston Street, 4th floor, 617-824-8484

Office of The Arts

The Office of the Arts exists to serve Emerson College students, faculty and staff, the Greater Boston community and the field of performance practice through ArtsEmerson, HowlRound and stewardship of our spaces.

Office of the Arts: 10 Boylston Place, 11th floor, 617-824-8030


The Office of the Registrar is the place to go when you need to:

  • Cross-register at affiliated institutions
  • Add courses, with instructor permission, after online registration is closed
  • Register for directed studies and production projects
  • Withdraw from a course after the second week of classes

Or if you have questions concerning:

  • Academic class standing
  • Course load
  • Course withdrawals
  • Prerequisites
  • Registration
  • Transfer credits and pre-approval

The Registrar: 120 Boylston Street, 4th Floor, 617-824-8660

Print/Copy Center

The Emerson Print Copy Center is available for all student printing and copying needs. Services such as high-speed copying, digital color copying, large-format printing, binding, course packs, and graphic design are offered at very competitive rates. Students may drop off projects to the staff of the Print Copy Center Monday–Friday, 8:00 am–5:00 pm, or email the project to emersoncopy [at] gmail.com. There are also self-serve copiers available at the center for students who prefer to make their own copies. The Print Copy Center accepts cash, checks, EC Cash, and debit/credit cards.

Print Copy Center: 98A Boylston St, First floor, 617-824-8593

Social Justice Collaborative

The Social Justice Collaborative works with and supports individuals and communities through advocacy, support, and radical care. Our community and organizing work is informed by Black feminist theory, Decolonization, Critical Trans Politics, Abolition, Healing Justice, and Transformative Justice. We believe in the power of individual and community self-determination and engage in an ongoing practice of praxis—reflection and action. We seek to deepen our own liberatory practices and work to create liberatory spaces for others.

Please feel free to visit us in the Social Justice Collaborative at 120 Boylston St. 10th Floor, the Elma Lewis Center at 148 Boylston St, Healing & Advocacy Collective at 180 Tremont St. 3rd Floor, and Title IX Access & Equity in the Transportation Building, 8 Park Plaza, 2nd Floor. For more information, please visit our website or like us at facebook.com/SocialJusticeCtr.

Student Accessibility Services

Emerson College is committed to providing access to its academic programs and social activities for all qualified students with disabilities. While upholding this commitment, the College maintains the high standards of achievement that are essential to the integrity of its programs and services. In advancing these aims, the Student Accessibility Services ensures that College policies, practices, and procedures conform to federal and state statutes and regulations. Our philosophy is that students are independent and self determined and that students with disabilities—just like all students—have control over their lives here at Emerson and are ultimately responsible for making their own decisions.

Student Accessibility Services: 216 Tremont Street, 5th floor, 617-824-8592

Student Care & Support

The Student Care and Support Office receives referrals from students, faculty, staff, etc. about students of concern. The Office works with key partners on campus to provide support for those students with a goal of helping them succeed academically and personally. Our ability to connect your concerns with the concerns of others means we are able to provide a greater level of support for each student involved.

Student Engagement & Leadership (SEAL) and Student Organizations

The Office of Student Engagement & Leadership (SEAL) is committed to creating, hosting and supporting events, programs and experiences that further student skill development while providing space for both meaningful relationships and community building.  SEAL’s events & programs seek to provide developmental opportunities for students that will complement their learning experiences in the classroom. Our goal is to create effective leaders & communicators who will positively impact the Emerson community & the greater global community.

With more than 95 Student Government Association Recognized Student Organizations & 10 fraternal organizations, students have the opportunity to pursue their passions outside the classroom while developing relationships that will enrich their Emerson experience. Students collaborate with peers, staff, and faculty to help create a vibrant, inclusive Emerson community through performances, publications, and programs. The Office of Student Engagement & Leadership focus is on collaborating with students, faculty, and staff to best support students and continue to redefine the Emerson student experience.  

Office of Student Engagement & Leadership (SEAL): 120 Boylston Street 4th floor, 617-824-8620

Student Activities Common

Located on Lower Level One (L1) of the Max Mutchnick Campus Center, the Student Activities Common is home to a number of student organization offices, including: the Student Government Association (SGA); the Berkeley Beacon; Emerson’s cultural organizations (ASIA, EBONI, and AMIGOS); EAGLE; EmComm; Emerson Independent Video (EIV); Emersonian; EVVY Awards; Frames Per Second (FPS); Gauge Magazine; Musical Theatre Society (MTS); National Broadcasting Society (NBS); Radio and Television News Director’s Association (RTNDA); and a shared print production space for Artful Comics, Atlas Magazine, Developed Images, Emerson Review, Em Magazine, Gangsters in Concrete, Hyena, Stork, and Your Magazine.

The Student Activities Common offers Emerson community members the opportunity to utilize three piano practice rooms, the Cultural Center, the Reflection Room, off-campus student lockers, organization storage lockers, organization mailboxes, and two meeting rooms (L151 and L153).

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services encompasses the Office of Financial Aid, Office of Student Accounts, and the Office of Student Success. Together, the staff helps parents and students understand the costs associated with an Emerson education, and to find means to meet those costs.

Student Financial Services: 216 Tremont Street, 4th floor, 617-824-8655

Student Performance Center

The Student Performance Center is the largest event and production space managed by the Max Mutchnick Campus Center.

Student Performance Center: 80 Boylston Street, cabaret [at] emerson.edu (cabaret[at]emerson[dot]edu)

Student Success

The Office of Student Success (OSS) is focused on increasing student retention, satisfaction, and success, making sure that students have the supports they need to realize their fullest potential at Emerson. 

Any student may encounter obstacles or difficulties associated with college life -- academic, financial, personal, interpersonal, or wellness. The Office of Student Success helps students to explore their options, navigate campus systems, and connect to campus resources to stay on track toward their goals. For students who are best served by taking some time away from the College, the Office of Student Success coordinates the leave of absence and withdrawal processes.

Office of Student Success (OSS): 120 Boylston Street, 2nd floor, 617-824-8650

Technology Resources

Emerson IT strives to be a trusted and collaborative partner in the development of innovative and sustainable technology solutions. Its mission is to foster creativity and learning across the College’s global campus.

The Boston campus features lab and classroom spaces with more than 500 computer workstations, providing a variety of software to support academic needs and creative pursuits. Industry-standard applications are available including Autodesk Maya, Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, and Unity Pro. Students are provided with network storage space for real-time and collaborative video editing. Specialty labs offer large-format photo printing, 3D printing, color-calibrated monitors, graphics tablets, and film and photo scanners.

Each student’s Emerson account includes access to an email account, online storage, lab workstations, and wireless and wired Internet. Academic resources include G Suite for Education, Canvas for online course management, and an academic video storage and streaming service. Emerson students also receive free access to LinkedIn Learning, an online training library with thousands of video tutorials and practice files.

The IT Help Desk, located on the fourth floor of the Walker Building, offers assistance to all students, faculty, and staff with any technology-related questions. Students can also utilize the website to access step-by-step guides, view alerts, or submit help requests online.

Media Services, located on the fourth floor of the Ansin Building, is responsible for the audiovisual equipment in many of the College’s classrooms and meeting spaces. Staff members are available to assist with setup and operation of this equipment.

Emerson IT: 120 Boylston Street, 5th floor, 617-824-8080

Vice President and Dean Of Campus Life

The Office of the Vice President and Dean of Campus Life oversees the Division of Student Affairs, which comprises a number of independent yet interrelated offices and programs designed to foster student growth, build community, and respond to student concerns.

Trained professionals are available to assist all students work through problems or unanticipated crises, set personal or professional goals, foster leadership skills, and plan activities. The staff is also available to listen to student suggestions and grievances.

Vice President and Dean of Campus Life, 120 Boylston Street, 4th floor, 617-824-8640

Wellness Education

The Emerson Wellness Center collaborates with other Student Affairs professionals and utilizes resources from a variety of campus departments and community organizations to coordinate student health and wellness programming. Topics include alcohol and other drug use and abuse, sexual assault, HIV and AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, body image and eating disorders, and various other topics. The wellness education coordinator seeks to increase education and awareness concerning these issues with the goals of reducing problems associated with them and promoting activities that contribute to a healthy community. Programming focuses on responsible decision making and empowerment through knowledge.

Emerson Wellness Center: 216 Tremont Street, 3rd floor, 617-824-8597