While students are expected to attend class regularly and should consult their class syllabus regarding specific absence policies for each class, sometimes unforeseen circumstances happen!

What to Do

If you need to miss class for a significant reason (extended illness or injury, hospitalization, personal/family emergency, etc) the Office of Student Care and Support can help!

  1. Alert the Office of Student Care and Support by completing this form so we can send a notification to your professors making them aware of your absence or situation.
  2. Contact your professors to discuss specific needs of each class. If you are unable to do this right away due to your circumstances, that is okay! Student Care and Support will help you with this initially, and when you are able you can connect with your faculty directly.

In addition the Office of Student Care and Support can work with you to assist you in getting support you need both academically and outside the classroom.

If you would like Student Care and Support to reach out to your faculty, please complete this form. Student Care and Support will review your request during business hours and contact you if there are any questions or concerns regarding your request.

If Student Care and Support is able to contact faculty on your behalf, the outreach will be ask faculty to give reasonable consideration to being flexible with absences and/or deadlines. It is important to know that it is ultimately up to each faculty member whether they feel they can be lenient with absences and/or deadlines and still maintain the integrity of the course they are teaching. This notification from Student Care and Support is not considered an official excuse for missing class.