Now that the fall is about to begin, we would like to take this time to update you on how student employment positions will function this semester. There are a number of measures that the College has taken to reduce density on campus and offer increased flexibility to meet staffing needs. By now, you have read the Return to Campus Guide. Please review the considerations for students returning to work this fall.

What to Consider

I-9 Work Authorization

For new students, once you have been offered a job and have completed all tasks in Workday, you will be contacted by Student Employment and will be asked to join a zoom session where you will present your forms of ID. All forms of ID must be original, unexpired, and with you at the time of the appointment.

Remote Work

Remote Work Options: Employers may offer the option for remote work. This may not be available for all positions. If your current student employment position does not offer the option for remote work, please contact your supervisor to see if the option is available. Remote work options can also be found in the job listings in Workday and will be denoted as REMOTE POSITION.


Supervisors have been asked to, where possible, work with students who live off-campus with regard to scheduling. If possible, supervisors should allow students to commute to and from work during off-peak transit hours. Please note that this option may not be available for certain on-campus positions.


  • All students workers not working alone in a private space are required to wear masks for the duration of their shift.
  • Student employees must wipe down their workstation at the beginning and end of their shift. Supervisors will provide access to cleaning materials.
  • Student workers are asked not share equipment (i.e., headsets, mouse pads, etc).
  • All student workstations should be at least six (6) feet apart where possible.


Student employees who are sick cannot report to work. You must stay home and contact the Emerson Wellness Center for further instruction.

Meal Breaks

  • A 30-minute meal break/break is required for all shifts that last 6 or more hours.
  • Breaks should be taken privately.
  • Meal breaks should be taken outside or away from the office where possible.
  • Masks must be worn before and after breaks.


Contact information for both students and supervisors must be kept up to date. If a student’s contact information has changed, they must update Workday. Supervisors must provide a contact number for student workers in the event that they are unable to be physically present. Where possible, supervisors should provide student workers with the contact information for individuals available on campus.