To fill out a timesheet:

  1. Log into Workday and click the Time application.
  2. Select This Week
  3. Select a day and enter the total number of hours worked. You may have multiple jobs and will need to select the appropriate job from the drop down.
  4. Once all hours have been reported for the week, click Submit.

Additional instructions regarding the submission of your timesheet can be found here.

Timesheets can be accessed through Workday at the beginning of every pay period and are due every Monday by 12 p.m. Your supervisor might give you an earlier deadline for your timesheet.

If a paycheck/direct deposit is not delivered, please payroll [at] emerson.edu (email the payroll office.)  

Direct Deposit

The process for setting up your direct deposit is available via Workday, click here for simplified instructions.

Student Employees are paid for hours worked, not hours scheduled. Days missed due to illness, weather, or holidays are not to be counted as hours worked. It is Massachusetts state law that all employees who work more than 6 hours are required to take an unpaid 30-minute break. Students may not waive their right for this break.