The Office of Student Employment offers several types of employment for Emerson students:

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

Federal Work-Study jobs are strictly reserved for students who receive FWS funds as part of their financial assistance packages. Earnings are paid directly to the student through weekly paychecks. Students' weekly hours and wages are limited by eligibility and fund availability, and students are only compensated for hours they actually work. Students who decline FWS funds one semester are not guaranteed to receive them in the future, and may have to find jobs through Emerson Employment. Students may appeal for FWS funds in future semesters after receiving their initial financial aid packages. 

Service Work-Study

Through the FWS Program, Emerson College funds a number of Service Work-Study jobs that Emerson students may hold at approved nonprofit/community service agencies. Service Work-Study helps provide local organizations with the consistent volunteer help they need at little or no cost. At the same time, students are able to do meaningful public interest work in the greater Boston community, while still being able to afford college necessities.

Emerson Employment (EE)

Any undergraduate or graduate student who is eligible to participate in the Student Employment Program may work on campus in jobs offered by Emerson College department supervisors. Emerson Employment positions are fully funded by the College’s individual departments and are not associated with financial assistance in any way.

Emerson Employment offers more job opportunities than FWS—in fact, the number of Emerson Employment students equals almost three times the number of FWS students working on campus. However, there is more competition for Emerson Employment jobs than FWS jobs.

Summer Student Employment

Summer employment is available to Emerson students through the Emerson Employment (EE) program. 

For more information on conditions and restrictions on types of employment, consult the Student Employee Handbook.