Starting Fall 2022, The College will launch the Emerson Circle of Creative Scholars (ECCS). The mission of ECCS is to help students navigate the academic, social, and career development landscape at Emerson as they achieve their personal goals. We will provide students with a holistic, enriching Emerson experience through programmatic support focused on the eight dimensions of wellness: intellectual/academic, financial, occupational, emotional, environmental, physical/health, social, and spiritual. By focusing on these dimensions, students will be able to enhance and expand their Emerson experience while maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Additionally, our program's staff and students advocate for equity and belonging across Emerson’s campus.

Program Purpose

The ECCS program aims to provide talented undergraduate students with the resources and support systems to help them achieve their individual goals. All matriculated undergraduates are eligible to participate in this program. 

Program Requirements

  • Students will be required to participate in an activity that satisfies each of the eight dimensions of wellness.
    • Students will be responsible for documenting their participation with the A&B staff
  • The ECCS staff will offer a minimum of three workshops each semester that will satisfy at least one of the eight dimensions.
  • Students will be required to meet one-on-one with an ECCS staff member at least once a month to discuss their progress.

Dimensions of Wellness: Defined

  1. Intellectual (I) - Seeking to expand knowledge, skills, and creative abilities.
  2. Occupational (O) - Engaging in work that is meaningful, enjoyable, and aligns with personal values.
  3. Financial (F) - Making responsible decisions to live within your means and setting financial goals today that will positively impact your financial future.
  4. Emotional (EM) - Possess a positive attitude and the ability to identify and express a wide variety of feelings in an appropriate manner.
  5. Environmental (EV) - Choosing a lifestyle of committed effort toward sustaining the Earth’s natural environment and promoting good health by occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support well-being.
  6. Physical (P) - Pursuing healthy choices for your body (based on your abilities and needs) which may include regular movement, a nutritious diet, adequate sleep, and practicing safe behaviors.
  7. Social (SO) - Establishing a sense of connection and belonging through positive interpersonal relationships.
  8. Spiritual (SP) - Finding your life's meaning and purpose and understanding the values, beliefs, and morals that guide your actions.

Monthly Circle Wellness Workshops (Samples)

  • Work Hard - Play Hard: Balanced Time Management (I), (O), (EV), (EM), (P)
    • Time management doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Learn how to create a schedule that includes academics, social activities, and rest!
  • How Philanthropy Works (F), (I), (O)
    • Learn how to give and get financial support for non-profit organizations
  • Post-Grad: Work vs. Grad School (I), (O), (F), 
    • Talk through the pros and cons of working or going to graduate school after graduation.
  • The Art of Small Talk (I), (O), (SO)
    • Learn the art of conversation and building relationships in small settings. Develop your elevator pitch and make connections.
  • The Creative Ph.D. (I), (O), (F)
    • Thinking about getting your doctorate in a creative field? Learn tips from Emerson staff, faculty, and alumni about how to prepare and succeed.

Program Overview

Year 1: Foundation

Year 2: Connection

  • Circle Wellness Workshops
  • Internship prep workshop
  • Study Abroad prep workshop
  • Mentorship program 
  • Financial education workshop series

Year 3: Engagement

  • Circle Wellness Workshops
  • Education Abroad & Domestic Program
  • Career-prep workshop
  • ECCS Mentor Intro and Prep (optional)

Year 4: Exploration

  • Circle Wellness Workshops
  • First-Year Mentor (optional)
  • Dean Fellowship Program 
  • Study Abroad Program
  • Leaderships Workshops
  • Introduction to Emerson-based graduate programs

Post-Grad: Legacy

  • Alumni Activities
  • Mentorship to ECCS Students

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Emerson Circle of Creatives Scholars is managed through the Office of Student Success, Access & Belonging. If you have specific questions about the Emerson Circle of Creatives Scholars, please contact the Chris Grant, program director, at 617-824-8650 or at ECCS [at] emerson.edutitle="Email the Emerson Circle of Creatives Scholars" or StudentSuccess [at] emerson.edutitle="Email the Office of Student Success, Access & Belonging"

ECCS Scholarship

Each year, Emerson will award the full four-year scholarship to 10 incoming, first-year students. Incoming transfer students who hold associate degrees will also be eligible to receive enhanced financial support; ten (10) $40,000 scholarships will be awarded to qualifying transfer students.

This extremely competitive award is a full scholarship, renewable for up to eight semesters, that covers:

  • Cost of tuition and fees.
  • On-campus room and board.
  • Undergraduate Student Services fee.
  • Laptop computer (appropriate for area of study; $750 average).
  • Book allowance of $500 per semester, after any applicable federal and/or state gift aid has been awarded.
  • Additionally, the scholarship provides access to participate in one Global Pathway Program session (summer) or one session at Kasteel Well or Emerson Los Angeles during the academic year (fall/spring).

Scholarship Eligibility and Selection Process

All new first-time Undergraduate and Transfer applicants will be considered for the ECCS scholarship and program. Selection for the program is completed during the admissions process. No additional application is required. Recipients must apply for financial aid via the FAFSA and CSS Profile. Accepted students will be notified via their application portal. 

Scholarship Requirements

Students that agree to the Emerson Circle of Creative Scholars scholarship and program will be required to do the following:

  • Must maintain full time status and remain in good academic standing, maintaining a 3.0 or greater each academic year.
  • Must apply and complete all applications for federal financial aid on an annual basis.
  • Monthly cohort meetings with mentors.
  • Monthly check-in meetings with ECCS staff.
  • Successful participation in and completion of our one-credit course for selected new students, Emerson: Foundations of Success (FS101), during your first semester.