Emerson’s New Student Transition Program 

All new, first-time students are enrolled in Emersion: Foundations of Success as they arrive at Emerson. This free, one-credit optional course (FS101) focuses on four key areas to set students up for success at Emerson and beyond:

  • Academic Resources & Goal Setting
  • Personal & Intercultural Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Health & Well-being

Emersion: Foundations of Success will help students identify personal strengths, develop strategies to reach academic goals, and get to know the community. The course is facilitated by Emerson community members from various offices across the college, and supported by peer mentors who contribute the perspective and advice of current students. Together, facilitators and peer mentors offer students a network of community resources and familiar faces to support their transition to Emerson and college life.

Students Entering Emerson in the Fall

As new first-time students submit their tuition deposit, they will be invited to register their preference to take part in Emersion over the summer or the fall. 

Summer Sections

This is an opportunity to earn college credit and get to know Emerson better before even arriving on campus! The summer sections meet online twice a week for an hour during the Summer 2 session, which typically starts around the beginning of July and runs for 7 weeks. It is especially recommended for athletes, theatre students, or any student who is concerned about navigating the fall semester.

Fall Sections

New, first-time students who are not enrolled in the summer sections will automatically be registered for a fall section alongside your other classes.  Fall sections meet twice a week for the first 7 weeks of the semester.

Students Entering Emerson in the Spring.

New, first-time students who start in the spring are automatically registered for a spring section. Each fall and spring section meets twice a week for the first 7 weeks of the semester.

For transfer students entering Emerson in the spring semester, we offer a transfer-specific section of Emersion that covers the same key areas of success