Student Success

The mission of our office is to center on the practices that contributes to student success.

Student Debt Relief

You may be eligible for Federal Student Debt Relief Plan.

Students may encounter obstacles or difficulties associated with college life—academic, financial, personal, interpersonal, or wellness—or simply seek greater connection and support. Emerson has fantastic resources designed to address the holistic needs of students.

We provide a holistic perspective on student success, encompassing positive outcomes for both students and Emerson College.

We empower students by translating their academic and personal aspirations into tangible actions with individualized guidance and an extensive network of resources.

Focusing on student retention, student satisfaction and degree completion, we contribute to an inclusive and socially just community that promotes collaboration, access, belonging, foundation setting, academic and personal growth.

Attention Speech@Emerson Students

The Office of Student Success (OSS) is not to be confused with S@E Student Success (your SSA team). The Office of Student Success processes Leave of Absence and Withdrawal forms, manages the Student Assistance Fund, and coordinates a wide variety of college-wide resources for all Emerson students. If you are seeking to connect with your Student Success Advisor (SSA), please email studentsupport [at] (studentsupport[at]speech[dot]emerson[dot]edu), or call 877-889-7647.

Support Options

Emerson's ConcernCenter

It's easy to feel unsure about which of the many resources available to Emerson students is best suited for the specific issue you are trying to address. ConcernCenter is a search engine for students to find and connect with support options available on- or off-campus. Not sure where to go? Visit Emerson's ConcernCenter for help!

Food Access Initiatives

We know some students, especially those living off campus, do not have the means to consistently buy adequate food for themselves. We've compiled a list of all the ways a student at Emerson can find support in accessing food.

Leaving and Returning to Emerson

Circumstances and opportunities may present themselves. We are here to assist you in exploring your options.

One-on-One Sessions

Whether you just need help once or are interested in ongoing support, we're here. We encourage students to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our staff members.

Student Assistance Fund

The Student Assistance Fund makes small awards to help eligible students with indirect costs of attendance such as books, printing and copying costs, film, developing, other required course supplies, personal items, transportation, and food.

Programs and Awareness

Emersion: Foundations of Success

Emersion: Foundations of Success is a one-credit, non-tuition course to help new students transition to Emerson

First Generation and Low Income Program

Our office is available as a support and resource for students who will be the first in their family to graduate from college or may experience financial insecurity.

Share a Concern

If you are concerned about a member of the Emerson community who may be struggling in some way, share your concern so that we may offer support. Your concern will be routed to the appropriate office and/or team of trained staff depending on the nature of the concern.