Mission Statement

The mission of Student Success, Access, and Belonging is to provide holistic support to all students and empower them to persist to the completion of their educational goals. Through interdepartmental partnerships, faculty/staff/alumni mentorship, and intentional cohort-based experiences, offerings, and programs, we will work to create a supportive environment where students develop the confidence and knowledge to thrive and succeed. 

Our resources focus on supporting first-generation, low-income, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, veteran, and transfer students so they can be successful both within the Emerson community and beyond. We also continue to explore ways to support all students and guide them to the resources they need during their time at Emerson.

Vision Statement

  • We will demonstrate how access and belonging and inclusion matter in and strengthens our work and the Emerson community.
  • Establish meaningful relationships and connections between peers, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Provide space for reflection and resources for action to achieve an individualized and valuable student experience 
  • Preparing Emerson College students as impactful and influential humans in the arts and communication field in which they study

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