I have enjoyed the friends I have made through Emersion, and I enjoyed learning more about my strengths and weaknesses…I have [also] learned a lot about city living and how to write better papers.

Emersion really allowed me to transition to college life in a smooth way. Emersion also introduced me to all resources that are offered on campus and how I can utilize those resources to my benefit. Overall, Emersion helped me become a true Emerson student. […] Something new that I learned about Emerson is how free I am allowed to be as a person and as a writer and the outlets available to me to help hone my craft.

My favorite part about the Emersion program was the fact that it gave me a space to talk about the transition into college. It was nice to hear that other people were struggling with similar things, and together we were able to work through any issues we were facing…I have learned a lot since arriving in Boston, but the main thing I learned is that getting involved is the best way to feel like you are a part of the community.

What I enjoy most about the Emersion program is I made a lot friends in it. It is definitely a good chance to make some solid connections. Also, it is a great chance to get familiar with resources on and off campus and make full use of them.

[Coming into Emerson], I was definitely ready for a new environment with new opportunities, but terrified because I had no idea what to expect. So, [...] I got involved in a very similar program to Emersion which actually helped develop this program to what it is now. I truly could not have been more grateful for the experience!…It's really great to know I can make someone's time here that much better by just sharing my own experiences throughout college or offering advice to someone.