In Emersion you learn a lot about yourself and the amazing resources here on campus. You might not realize at first how helpful what you’re learning is, but after finishing the course, just trust me the resources provided will shock you with how useful they are.

Taking Emersion really allowed me to explore the campus resources and find out about new opportunities in and beyond the campus. This class allowed us to take a step back and reflect on our first few weeks, ultimately creating a community with others also going through a big transition. Having classmates willing to support one another and answer each other's questions made such a positive impact during my transition.

There may be some days you do not feel like attending Emersion, but I promise you it offers the ability to share experiences and feelings you’ve had throughout the semester. At times college can be stressful and having a class where you can be open about things that you may not feel comfortable talking about elsewhere relieves that stress.

Starting an unknown journey in a strange city, Emersion gave me my first sense of belonging in college life by teaching me how to adapt little by little. It gave me friends, encouragement, and help so that I could start my college life with confidence.