College-Wide and Department Service at Large 

Admission Support (Graduate and Undergraduate)

  • Read applications and make recommendations for admission and/or fellowships. Work includes: auditions, portfolio review, writing sample review, conducting admission interviews.
  • Organized by Admission and departments, faculty attend the following prospective and admitted student events:
    • Open House
    • Picture Yourself at Emerson 
    • Mock Classes
    • Orientation
    • Family Weekend

Student Mentorship beyond Assigned Advisees

  • Meet with students to discuss internship and job possibilities.
  • Share network with these students as they seek openings and recommendations.
  • Review resumes and cover letters.
  • Help students prepare for interviews.
  • Write letters of recommendation and serve as a reference.
  • Help students set up informational interviews.

Faculty Mentorship beyond Assigned Mentees

  • Troubleshoot teaching/student issues.
  • Answer College policy/procedure questions.
  • Share syllabi.
  • Share Canvas modules/docs.
  • Make class visits.
  • Look at evaluations/strategies for planning classes, etc.
  • Engage in ongoing email correspondence.
  • Form research group to help junior faculty with their work.
  • Meet monthly to talk about research, and teaching and other issues.
  • Read work-in-progress.
  • Answer questions about department and College.
  • General mentorship of affiliated faculty and grad student teachers as needed/requested, specifically on enhanced curriculum and community writing.

For Writing Studies in Particular (WLP)

  • Open classroom to any and all grad students who want to observe (approx. 4–6 people twice a semester) and meet with these students before or after class meeting.
  • Consult with grad students developing syllabi and lesson plans (share documents and course modules in Canvas commons).
  • Conduct classroom observations for first-semester grad student faculty.

Peer Teaching Evaluations

  • Review course syllabus in advance and confirm faculty member's intentions.
  • Attend course that they will be observing (typically 1 hour and 45 minutes–or 2 hours and 45 minutes in PA), taking detailed notes.
  • Write report summarizing observations and making recommendations.
  • Submit report to faculty member and go over any big-picture issues.
  • Usually 2 peer evaluations per semester.

BIPOC Student Support 

  • Support BIPOC students seeking a safe and comfortable space to be heard.
  • Attend BIPOC student and faculty events.
  • Advise students in navigating their studies at the College.

Internationalization Meetings and Program Fairs beyond Program Preparation

  • Attend and participate in fairs.
  • Represent Global Pathways and other international programs to the department.

Event Attendance as Audience (Not Planner)

  • Attend department and College events (teach-ins, talks, readings, films, plays, etc.).
  • Function as a department representative and home audience.

Search Candidate Lunch and Dinners 

These are multiple and lengthy, as 3 or 4 candidates are brought on campus.

Organizing Faculty Social Events beyond Any Department and College Ones

Integral to maintaining and creating community, these events involve emailing, arranging place of event, and encouraging participation, especially of junior faculty.

Attending Events by Co-curriculars and Extra-curriculars

Function as a proud audience for students who are always delighted to see Emerson faculty at their events.