School Committees

School of the Arts

Comedic Arts

  • Consists of the Comedic Arts faculty, full-time and affiliated, and staff who work in/have a direct relationship to Comedic Arts @ Emerson College.
  • Meets once per month.
  • Discusses and problem-solves faculty and student issues.
  • Discusses and makes decisions on curriculum.
  • Works on and attends Freshman Orientation Lunch.
  • Works to grow American Comedy Archives.
  • Brainstorms ways to field build.
  • Brainstorms ways to track and engage alumni.
  • Steers the implementation of the approved strategic plan for the Center for Comedic Arts.
  • Volunteers connections to recruit faculty and guests for classes, workshops, and events.
  • Subset of faculty participate in Admission Review and Awarding of Scholarships (4).
  • Subset of faculty participate in Picture Yourself @ Emerson Day and Open Houses.
  • Subset of faculty serve on Curriculum Committee (evaluates and restructures program and course offerings as needed).
  • Subset of faculty participate in DEI mentorship and workshops with SGA-recognized troupes and their leadership.

Public Art Think Tank (PATT)

  • Meets monthly to discuss and evaluate a variety of public art projects, including: 
    • how to fund and promote them; 
    • how they can succeed in our community.
  • Engages in ongoing matters of diversity and inclusion.
  • Selects projects to support and/or sets up platforms so that community members, including students, can make selections. 
  • Creates forms allowing artists to make appropriate applications that convey their work and intention.
  • Coordinates with agencies that grant permissions and makes decisions about appropriate spaces to support public art projects on campus.
  • Has a program to bring artists to campus for talks and classroom visits.
  • Ensures that launch gatherings are planned and supported.
  • Works with the media to engage and involve our community.

In addition to the above, committee members might have specific roles on the technical side, writing content, organizing, using social media, and selecting artwork for the website, etc. 

School of Communication

First-Year Project

  • Designs 1-credit First-Year course.
  • Oversees First-Year dialogues project.

Health and Social Change

  • Meets twice per month for about an hour each time.
  • Works on finalizing the core course development, optimizing student recruitment outcomes, and developing community relationships. Initial curriculum development was supported by a Presidential Fund for Curricular Innovation.
  • Members volunteer to do things outside of meetings, such as: 
    • write postcards to admitted students;
    • attend webinars;
    • attend Undergraduate Admission events like Picture Yourself at Emerson;
    • host virtual Q&As for admitted students on Sundays.