Academic and inclusive excellence in curriculum, teaching, and hiring is the top strategic goal for academic affairs. Identifying potential faculty for recruitment should be ongoing and continuous (including years in which there are no searches in a department) and responsibility rests with each faculty member at the College, not just with search committees, chairs, and deans.

Academic Affairs offers Search Committee Orientations for faculty members, and outlines the Faculty Search Process.

Faculty Searches

Faculty Search Committee Orientation

Faculty members who have never served on an Emerson faculty search committee, or have not served on one for two years or more, are required to attend an in-person search committee orientation. Several orientations will be scheduled in the fall semester from which faculty members can choose to attend.

Faculty Search Process

The process steps on this page occur in accord with the Faculty Handbook and contain more detail about the recruitment and applicant review process and the role of the vice president for equity and social justice who collaborates with the participants in the search process to achieve academic and inclusive excellence in hiring.