A bequest to Emerson College is a wonderful way to ensure that programs that are important to you continue to be supported beyond your lifetime. Bequests can be made by will or revocable trust.

Bequests can take a variety of forms, including:

  • A specific dollar amount
  • A specific percentage of your estate
  • A specific asset
  • A “residuary bequest” in which you name Emerson to receive all or part of your remaining estate after bequests to loved ones have been satisfied

With a bequest, you have the flexibility to adjust your gift through a simple amendment if your life circumstances change. In addition, you may receive valuable estate tax savings.

Sample Bequest Language

“I give and bequeath [specific dollar amount, specific percentage, or described property] ______________________ to Emerson College, Boston, MA (EIN 04-1286950), with the request that the fund/property thus transferred be used for the following purpose(s)*: ______________________ [ADD IF APPLICABLE: pursuant to the Gift Agreement on file at Emerson College].”

*Your bequest may be used to create a permanent named fund, endow an annual gift, endow a scholarship fund, establish an unrestricted fund to address future needs, or support a specific program.

We encourage you to be in touch with the College to assist in the structuring of your bequest. Please contact Emerson College Alumni Relations at alumni [at] emerson.edu (alumni[at]emerson[dot]edu) or 617-824-8535.

Charitable QTIP Trust

Another type of bequest can be made through a Charitable QTIP Trust (Charitable Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust).  With a Charitable QTIP trust, you can direct the income from the trust (and principal, if needed) to your spouse for life, after which the remaining assets will pass to Emerson. The entire value of the trust will escape estate and gift tax. Please contact your estate planning attorney to see if this option is appropriate for you.

To learn more about planned giving or notify us of your planned gift, please contact Emerson College Alumni Relations at alumni [at] emerson.edu (alumni[at]emerson[dot]edu) or 617-824-8535.


Emerson College does not provide legal or tax advice. Please consult your professional advisor prior to entering into any planned giving arrangement.