The Emersonians of yesterday, today, and tomorrow owe much to the philanthropy of planned giving donors.

Donor advised funds are charitable giving vehicles administered by a public charity and created for the purpose of managing charitable contributions. Donors may recommend grants from their funds to qualified nonprofit organizations, like Emerson College.

If you have established or plan to establish a donor advised fund, you can name Emerson College in your fund succession plan as a beneficiary to receive a specific dollar amount or percentage of the remaining assets in the fund. This can occur at your death or other specified time in the future.

To learn more about planned giving or notify us of your planned gift, please contact Emerson College Alumni Relations at alumni [at] (alumni[at]emerson[dot]edu) or 617-824-8535.


Emerson College does not provide legal or tax advice. Please consult your professional advisor prior to entering into any planned giving arrangement.