The Robbins Speech, Language and Hearing Center is eager to assist Boston-area transgender and gender diverse individuals in expressing themselves more authentically through voice and communication modification.


Evaluation services are designed to provide information to determine a baseline, develop a treatment plan, and monitor progress over time. These services include an interview, assessment and preliminary feedback immediately following the evaluation itself. Additionally, a follow-up written report is provided in order to document evaluation results and recommendations.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions teach individuals on the gender spectrum to feminize or masculinize their voice and communication style to match their gender identity. Treatment strategies include working on resonance, pitch, vocal hygiene, role-play of everyday communicative contexts and community outings. Home programs are also utilized for maximum generalization.

Therapy sessions are tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Clinicians use a variety of techniques and strategies to facilitate progress.

To inquire about individual therapy, email Donna at Robbins_Center [at] (Robbins_Center[at]emerson[dot]edu).

Group Therapy

Communication training, education and practice in a supportive small-group setting to help transfeminine, transmasculine and gender non-conforming individuals find their authentic voice.

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