Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies

Provides students with a broad understanding of communication as it relates to a variety of fields, including intercultural, global, professional communication, negotiation and mediation, health policy, social justice, consulting, among others. Students may choose to develop their own program of study, tailored to their career aspirations.

Bachelor of Science in Political Communication

Designed for students pursuing careers in politics, campaigns, diplomacy, and public policy. Our graduates are candidates, campaign consultants, lawyers, diplomats, advocates, speechwriters, press secretaries, lobbyists, among many other related positions. Political communication majors partake in immersive field experiences in the mid-term and presidential campaigns, as well as local and state campaigns. Global pathway programs include work with the European Union, United Nations, as well as embassies and consulates around the world, taking full advantage of Emerson's growing global political network.

Bachelor of Science in Public Relations

Designed for students pursuing careers in campaign management, civic engagement, digital and entertainment PR, special events, public affairs, crisis management, investor relations, media relations, and corporate communication. The program’s core curriculum balances theory into practice by providing the skills necessary for effective strategic communication in an ever changing and complex environment.

Bachelor of Science in Sports Communication

Designed for students pursuing careers in the sports management, sports public relations, sports punditry and production, sports diplomacy and Esports fields. Students learn the business of sports and become adept at crafting sports messaging for target audiences, locally and globally. Our sports communication students take full advantage of the well-connected sports industry alumni and faculty, with internship opportunities in Boston, Los Angeles, DC, Barcelona, Sydney, Hong Kong, Mexico, as well as other locations.