Some examples of theses from recent graduating classes:

  • Daniel Ben Berners-Lee, May ’17, Politics of Representation
    Reconciling Cognitive Linguistics and a Phenomenological Account of Language Through the Work of Antonin-Artaud
    Advisor: Yasser Munif (Institute)

  • Cassandra Martinez, May ’18, Writing, Literature & Publishing
    Soy lo que Sostiene mi Bandera: How the Body Carries Nationhood and Exile in the Art of Ana Mendieta and Colectivo Morivivî
    Advisor: Claudia Castañeda (Institute)

  • Maggie Cannan, May ’17, Media Arts Production
    My Less than Fair Lady: The Positive Use of Grotesque Humor in the Subversion of Feminine Stereotypes
    Advisors: Melinda Robins (Journalism) and Ken Feil (Visual & Media Arts)

  • Gabriella Mumma, May ’18, Visual & Media Arts
    Textiles and Tourism: Maintaining Autonomy in Tourism Development
    Advisor: Nigel Gibson (Institute)

  • Samuel Weisberg, May ’17, Performing Arts
    Politics of (white) Discomfort: Freeway Revolt & Disruptive Performance
    Advisor: Yasser Munif (Institute)

  • Andrew Siañez-De La O, May ’17, Performing Arts
    Chicano/a Literature as an Act of Rebellion.
    Advisor: Melinda Robins (Journalism)

  • Lorenzo Rossi, May ’18, Visual & Media Arts
    What We Say in Cars: Automobility in Blended Families
    Advisor: Nigel Gibson (Institute)

  • Katherine Hildebrandt, May ’18, Writing, Literature & Publishing
    Beyond Birth: Questions of Agency, Subjectivity, and Mortality in the Delivery Room
    Advisor: Claudia Castañeda (Institute)

  • Sofia Alvarado Mendoza, May ’18, Media Arts Production
    Un Pasado Pesado: Understanding the Historical Roots of White Privilege and Racism in Contemporary Mexico
    Advisor: Nigel Gibson (Institute)

  • Daniel Foner, May ’17, Performing Arts
    This Nothing’s More Than Matter: Ophelia, Gender, and the Politics of Adaptation, Ophelia Perennial
    Advisor: Tom McNeely (Institute)

  • Kelsey Aijala, May ’17, Marketing Communication
    Co-Opting Consumerism: The Impact of Consumer-Facing Corporate Social Responsibility on Not for Profit Organization Operations and Consumer Perceptions of Prosocial Behavior
    Advisor: Meta Wagner (InstituteWLP)

  • Anne Makielski, May ’18, Political Communication
    “No, You’re the [Ideological] Puppet” Gendered Construction of Authenticity in the 2016 Presidential Election
    Advisor: Tom McNeely (Institute)

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