Career Development is a lifelong resource for Emerson College One of your goals as a professional should be to seek out companies with inclusive workplaces. These are places where multiple perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds are acknowledged and seen as integral to a company’s mission. While this takes time and is part of your career path, there are opportunities to be aware of both now and in the future.

Whether you are an intercultural organization, a student, an alum, an employer, or staff or faculty, we are here to help you!

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Identity-Based Resources

Explore resources based around your identity that can assist you in your career development.

Alumni of Emerson

When we work with the faculty and staff of Emerson College, our aim is to guide our students and alumni within career paths that are known for being unpredictable, very non-linear, and sometimes scary, but no doubt exciting. Along the way, Emersonians find their voices and ways to be effective storytellers, no matter their career path.

In honor of stories, our office wanted to take a moment and introduce the Alumni of Emerson series, a monthly campaign featuring powerful and inspiring alums within the realm of IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Sustainability & Socially Just), making a difference in their fields. To nominate an alum for one of our alum campaigns, please submit it here!

Emerson Prison Initiative

The Career Development Center works closely with the Emerson Prison Initiative to advocate, design, and develop our EPI cohorts to help design their career pathways and how to formulate their experiences toward their goals. The center meets these students where they are and however they are looking to develop their pathway.

Employer Diversity Statements

Review this section for a deeper understanding of how to view an organization’s diversity statements to see if your values might align.

Emtern Summer Experience

Emterns have the opportunity to receive in-depth professional support while interning in Boston or Los Angeles in the summer.