TWC does not have a dining facility. You’ll need to buy groceries and cook your own meals, or dine out. Washington D.C. is a very expensive city. Former students recommend making your own breakfast and dinner and buying lunch. Plan a budget for groceries, bus and metro transportation, cabs, books, and entertainment expense. Most students budget $150–$200 a week on average.

There is a neighborhood food and pharmacy about a half mile from the residence hall and a major grocery store another half mile away.

Student Life Activities

Throughout the semester, you can take part in the following activities organized by the Student Life Office and other Washington Center staff. For more information about student life, email housing [at] twc.edutarget="_blank" title="Email housing [at]".

  • There are many free museums in the DC area. Visit CultureCapital for more info.
  • Visit the Official Tourism Site of Washington, D.C.
  • A former student recommends signing up for The DCist Daily, a local blog that covers all the political and cultural happenings in Washington, D.C.

Events Planned by Your Program Advisor

Your program advisor will plan a series of events tailored to the interests of your group. These activities might include briefings, site visits, panel discussions, or workshops. In the International Affairs Program, for example, you might have the opportunity to visit embassies and hear panel discussions on counterterrorism or international development.

The Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series

The Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series was founded in the spirit of the lifelong friendship between two extraordinary leaders, Alan Simpson and Norman Mineta. Even though their politics are from opposite sides of the aisle, both their friendship and their commitment to leadership and public service endured.

The Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series aims to create a forum in which students from around the country and the world can engage with extraordinary leaders, explore issues of contemporary public concern, and articulate their own views about the meaning of leadership and citizenship in today’s society. Four to six lectures are scheduled each term, and attendance at all lectures is a required part of the program. Students will have the opportunity to hear the perspectives and experiences of distinguished leaders from the business, nonprofit, and government sectors as well as the diplomatic community. At the end of each lecture, students will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Past speakers include:

  • Secretary Madeleine K. Albright, The Albright Group
  • Anna E. Cabral, U.S. Treasurer
  • Dick Cheney, U.S. Vice President
  • U.S. Congressman James Clyburn (D-SC), House Majority Whip
  • Sam Donaldson, ABC News Anchor
  • Carlos Gutierrez, U.S. Secretary of Commerce
  • U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE)
  • Brian Lamb, founder, chair and CEO of C-SPAN
  • Mike McCurry, White House Press Secretary
  • Lori Montenegro, National Correspondent–Washington Bureau, Telemundo
  • Dr. Klaus Scarioth, German Ambassador to the United States
  • Jim Lehrer, Executive Editor & Anchor, PBS
  • Lawrence Korb, Founder of the Center for American Progress
  • Kevin Klose, Former President of National Public Radio
  • Dennis Hastert - former Speaker of the House of Representatives
  • Trent Lott (R-MS) Former Senator
  • Former Democratic Congressman, Secretary of Commerce, and Secretary of Transportation - Norm Mineta