Toward the end of every semester, graduate students enrolled in a Master’s Thesis or Master’s Project course are required to turn in their thesis or project to the Office of Graduate Studies, as noted in the Academic Calendar. The thesis or project must meet the Formatting and Submission Guidelines, a set of formatting rules and procedures.

Besides collecting the completed theses and projects, the Office of Graduate Studies provides assistance to graduate students who are in the process of completing their master’s thesis or project in several ways.


Graduate students who are unclear of the guidelines, or would like their thesis/project reviewed against the Master’s Thesis/Project Guidelines, can do the following:

  • E-mail a copy of their thesis/project to gradstudies [at] (gradstudies[at]emerson[dot]edu); or
  • Bring a copy of their thesis/project to the Office of Graduate Studies, 180 Tremont Street, 13th Floor, Rooms 1313 or 1318.

The Graduate Studies staff will be able to review your thesis/project and point out any corrections that would have to be made to meet the Master’s Thesis/Project Guidelines.


The Office of Graduate Studies also provides templates for several pages that are required of every thesis or project:

Please refer to the Formatting and Submission Guidelines page for more information.


If you have any questions about your thesis or project, be sure to ask us as soon as possible! We will be able to answer your questions about formatting, or guide you to the correct contact for questions on style. Email us at gradstudies [at] (GradStudies[at]emerson[dot]edu).