International Student Organizations

There are many ways to get involved in campus life as an international student. International student groups welcome new members and offer an array of programs and events every semester. Students build lasting friendships and career networks through involvement with their international peers.

For more information on how to become involved with the two international groups listed below and many others, contact the Office of International Student Affairs (OISA).

Emerson International

This is an organization dedicated to making international undergraduate students feel at ease on the Emerson College campus. The organization works to better integrate international students into the college community by providing a linkages with members of their country, as well as those with different cultural backgrounds.

International Graduate Student Organization (IGSO)

Focused on serving international graduate students, the International Graduate Student Organization (IGSO) provides a home away from home for students from all over the world. The IGSO hosts a mix of fun and professional events every semester such as movie nights and career networking workshops.

International Visitors Program (IVP)

The International Visitors Program (IVP) leverages visits by high-profile international guests.

The IVP will systematically notify all departments of upcoming international visitors and facilitate individual meetings if desired (according to the availability of the visitor and his or her host department/school). When appropriate, the Office of Internationalization and Equity (IE) will also host an open reception for the international visitors. In most cases, any member of the campus community will be welcome to meet and speak informally with our guests. 

The IE and college websites can assist with centralizing news and communications related to such visits for the benefit of internationalization efforts.  When appropriate, these visits will also be coordinated with the Offices of the President, Chief Academic Officer and Vice President of Communications. Please contact Anthony Pinder directly if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you to better engage the international visitors who come to our campus.

Visiting Scholars Program

Emerson College is committed to the Exchange Visitor Program through activities that encourage foreign professors, research scholars, short-term scholars, specialists, degree and non-degree seeking students to visit the campus, and through reciprocal exchange programs with Emerson faculty and students. Emerson actively collaborates with partner institutions to facilitate semester and yearlong exchanges.

Currently, the Institute of International Education (IIE) serves as the designated sponsor of the U.S. Department of State’s J-1 Visa Program for all visiting international scholars coming to Emerson College.

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) was developed by the U.S. Department of State (DOS) in 1961 to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries by means of educational and cultural exchanges. J-1 scholars are non-immigrants pursuing a specific program objective at academic institutions in the U.S., as designated by the Department of State. J-1 Exchange Visitors at Emerson College are categorized as research scholars, professors, short-term scholars, or specialists.

The Visiting Scholars Program at Emerson College was established primarily for visiting researchers and graduate students. Central to this program is that all visiting scholars must have a departmental sponsor. 

Please contact Corey Blackmar for more information about Emerson’s Visiting Scholars Program.

English Language Learning

All Emerson English Language Learning (ELL) initiatives are dedicated to helping students whose native language is not English and would benefit from further academic English language support. The purpose of these initiatives is to advance academic communication and the personal and professional development of Emerson’s international community. Through assessments, referrals, and self-advocacy from the student, these initiatives provide students with the resources to enhance the skills they currently have to further their success at Emerson. Academic support, and coursework are designed to help students gain knowledge, increase confidence, and acclimate to the United States and the US system of higher education.

Emerson ELL programing offers free English language courses, housed within the School of Communication, in speaking, writing, professional communication, public speaking, and how to communicate effectively with administrators, professors, and fellow students. These courses are designed for graduate students, with undergraduate students having the option to participate, and focus on preparing students for academic success, a deeper understanding of American culture, and professional careers beyond Emerson College. All courses are taught by professional ELL instructors with years of teaching experience. The current classes offered are listed below (600 level courses are graduate; 300 level courses are undergraduate).

  • CC610/329 – ELL Seminar in Pronunciation, Basic Public Speaking and American Culture
  • CC611/325 – Dialogues on Global Issues Communication Course (Fall Semester Only)
  • CC612/326 – Academic Writing for International Students
  • CC613/327 – ELL Seminar in Leadership and Business English

Attuned to Emerson’s vibrant creative spirit, this program draws on the expertise of instructors and staff, and coordinates with broader ELL resources available such as the Lacerte Writing and Academic Resource Center, the Writing Center, the International Graduate Student Organization (IGSO), and Emerson International (EI – undergraduate organization). Emerson’s ELL initiatives are continuing to grow in order to meet the changing needs of its international students with more courses and supporting resources.

If you are interested in registering for courses or would like more information on English Language Learning initiatives, please contact Amy Rinaldo.

International Student Affairs

The Office of International Student Affairs (OISA) helps currently enrolled international students in a variety of ways, including consulting students and scholars on immigration and visa matters, running programs and events to foster social and cultural adjustment, and personal advising and counseling on social issues.