At Emerson, we believe you should do what you love. Our students are hands-on, passionate, expressive, and driven. With more than 100 student organizations, plus countless opportunities in Boston, there are plenty of chances to channel that creative energy and find your niche. Whether you know exactly which group you want to join or just want to try something new, there is no wrong or right way to go about it.


EmConnect is an online tool that makes it a little easier to find your fit on campus. Access all of our affiliated student organizations and campus departments by logging into EmConnect using your Emerson credentials and searching for areas of interest. You’ll also find lists of upcoming events and activities, as well as news items.

Types of organizations found in EmConnect include:

  • Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Multicultural and Intercultural
  • Performance Clubs
  • Political, Service & Social Advocacy
  • Print & Publishing
  • Professional Affiliated Chapters
  • Programming & Special Events
  • Spiritual
  • Student Governance & Councils
  • Student Media & Productions

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Co-Curricular Student Organizations

Emerson's student organizations are the perfect way to connect what you learn in the classroom to hands-on work experience. Because we value the work you do in and out of the classroom, we've identified a number of student organizations that offer a non-tuition credit for participation.

Participating in a co-curricular organization is like any other class! Your student organization advisor serves as your faculty member who provides a syllabus, learning outcomes and assignments. Upon completion of all of your assignments, you are eligible to receive one credit which is assigned by your faculty member.

Students can receive no more than four non-tuition credits and may not enroll in more than two non-tuition credits in the same semester.

Interested students should contact the organization's faculty advisor to receive a syllabus and any learning outcomes. An updated list of organizations that offer non-tuition credit, and their contact information, can be found on EmConnect.

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Creating a New Student Organization 

Emerson students thrive on bringing their vision to life and Student Engagement and Leadership is here to help you bring your student organization vision to life.

SEAL can assist in the creation of a new student organization, constitution, goals and more. Once established, an organization can begin the student organization affiliation process. To become affiliated, a student organization must have a full-time faculty/staff advisor, a minimum of five members, a working constitution, and evidence of activity for at least one semester.

Student Organization Affiliation Information Sessions are held every semester and are a required step in pursuing official affiliation with the college. Contact seal [at] (SEAL) for more information on the affiliation process.

Student Organization Rights and Responsibilities 

Every student at Emerson College abides by a set of rights and responsibilities. These also translate to being involved on campus!

We expect all students to be familiar with the rights and responsibilities of participation in any organization, whether it is a co-curricular organization, extra-curricular organization or an organization independent of the college.

More information can be found in the Code of Community Standards

Graduate Student Organizations

Undergraduates aren't the only people busy with student organizations. Emerson provides plenty of opportunities for graduate students to socialize, network, and put their skills to use in student organizations.

All graduate student organizations are managed by the Graduate Student Association. More information can be found at Graduate Studies.