We believe the best leaders are the most prepared leaders. Student Engagement and Leadership provides opportunities for leadership training and development year round. Students have the chance to learn more about themselves, prepare to serve within one of our many recognized student organizations, and create a lasting impact in our greater community.

2024 Purple Key Applications

The application process for the 2024 Purple Key Awards has begun. An email with the link to apply has been sent to all eligible students. We look forward to receiving your applications!

Opportunities We Offer

Emerson Leadership Academy

If you're looking for a chance to begin your leadership journey, the Emerson Leadership Academy is a great place to start. This day-long training gives you the tools and resources to be successful academically and socially within our greater community. Students will meet with each other and with faculty and staff members who are committed to seeing you succeed. This program takes place at the beginning of the fall semester.

Emerson Recognition & Achievement (ERA) Awards

A long-standing Emerson College tradition, the ERA Awards honor the the everyday achievements of student leadership, student organizations, and community members. Students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to recognize community leaders in 11 different categories. These awards are presented at a ceremony hosted every April.

Purple Key Leadership Society

The Purple Key Leadership Society recognizes a select group of seniors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and service, solid academic achievement, and a commitment to civic engagement. Applicants are reviewed by a committee composed of junior class students (chosen by the Junior class president) and members of the Academic and Student Affairs staffs. Applications are available in the fall semester for eligible students. Recipients are notified by the end of the fall semester and are recognized at the Emerson Recognition and Achievement Awards.

Social Justice Academy (SJA)

The Social Justice Academy is a day-long leadership opportunity that allows students to explore ways to create meaningful and systemic change in today's politically volatile society. From learning more about one's place within the world to better understanding points of intervention that can lead to change, all participants will leave with tools and resources to improve our community. This is held at the beginning of the spring semester.

Strengths @ Emerson

We believe the best leaders know themselves and what they can bring to any organization or group. Strengths @ Emerson gives any student the tools to learn where they excel and how to use those talents to the fullest. Rooted in Strengths for Students by Gallup, Strengths @ Emerson is available for student organization trainings as well as through the annual Strength Seminar, a month-long series of workshops open to all students.