Benefits of Enrolling in the Journalism and Media Innovation MA

  • Our asynchronous and online format allows you to take courses at your own pace and on your own time. Complete the program in as little as one year full-time or over the course of two years part-time.
  • Receive mentoring from real-world professionals. You will meet with a professional mentor several times a semester to review your career goals and help you contextualize your coursework in deeper and more meaningful ways. This unique opportunity gives you the confidence to enter the career of your choice while opening up your network to Emerson faculty and alumni.
  • Our Experienced Journalist Format allows you to use your knowledge base within journalism to help you graduate faster and reenter the workforce.

Career Outlook for Journalism and Media Innovation Students

The fields of journalism and media are constantly evolving to include new technologies and social media platforms to speak to a more globalized world than ever before. Emerson’s online Journalism and Media Innovation program gives you the transferable skills to enter multiple industries inside and outside of traditional journalism careers.

Careers to Explore

  • Digital Journalist
  • Multimedia Producer
  • Multimedia Reporter
  • Data Visualization Reporter/Producer
  • Interactive Storyteller
  • Digital Content Writer
  • News Data Analyst
  • News Manager/Editor
  • Executive Editor/Producer
  • Streaming Media Documentary Producer
  • Video Journalist
  • Independent Journalist

Get the Emerson Edge with our Graduate Student Benefits 

Once you commit to graduate school at Emerson, you’re automatically enrolled in our Emerson Edge program. Emerson Edge is designed to help you network with peers, alumni, faculty, and staff to ensure you’re getting what you need out of your graduate program including career exploration, resume building, financial planning, and access to exclusive events for students and alumni. 

Emerson Edge benefits:

  • Career exploration and preparedness: Work with Career Development to discuss your interests and skills to investigate different career paths. Our Career Development team reviews industry trends and updates you on emerging career paths and industries. Start with the Graduate Career Action Plan to learn about your skills, the Emerson community, industry, and network. Work with our team to craft your resume, cover letter, and portfolio and receive access to exclusive job listings.
  • Attend Graduate Student Events: Meet new friends and network with your colleagues in the graduate community at in-person and online events hosted by the Graduate Student Association.
  • Work with your Graduate Program Director: Your Graduate Program Director serves as a mentor to you and your classmates. They’ll help you connect with alumni, identify internship and career opportunities, and build a class schedule that excites you.
  • Network with Emerson Alumni: Our alumni network consists of 51,000+ proud lions. Meet alumni from around the globe through Emerson’s exclusive Emerge platform, and in-person and virtual events hosted by our Alumni Relations team. Our alumni are known for helping each other out, from mentoring opportunities to career guidance, and you’ll join one of the best alumni networks in the country.
  • Consult with our resource center to create a work-life balance plan and receive feedback on writing projects and coursework for native and non-native English speakers.
  • Find graduate housing: Work with our Off-Campus Student Services to find off-campus graduate housing, roommates, neighborhood and budgeting advice, and even learn how to sign a lease.
  • Explore our accessible resources: Coordinate with our Student Accessibility Services to receive access and support to our graduate programs and courses, activities, and services to ensure your needs are met while studying at Emerson.