Student Accessibility Services (SAS), formerly the Disability Services Office, strives to create an inclusive campus environment for students, allowing them to have full access to courses, programs, and activities during their time at Emerson College. We coordinate accommodations and support services that promote equal access for undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities. 

Emerson College is committed to providing qualified students with disabilities equal access to the College’s programs, activities, and services, while maintaining the College's high standards of achievement. The College ensures that its policies, practices, and procedures conform to federal and state statutes and regulations.

The College’s philosophy is one of independence and self-determination. Students with disabilities—just like all students—have control over their lives at Emerson and are responsible for making decisions about the choices available to them.

Accommodations Process

To request accommodations, students must register with Student Accessibility Services. Learn more about the process and the types of accommodations you may be able to receive.

Documentation Guidelines

Learn more about the documentation guidelines for when requesting academic, housing or dining accommodations due to specific disabilities.