College Health & Safety

Emerson is providing this information based on its current plans and in accordance with health and safety information currently available.  Emerson may, in its discretion, or under direction of government or health authorities, change plans regarding modalities of courses or activities, and physical access to any facilities.

This is a remote program. It will take place in a synchronous live format while using Zoom in EST, with asynchronous elements using our Canvas online learning management software and Google Suite.

The Politics, Activism, and Leadership Institute (PAL), which qualifies for four college credits, is for high school students who wish to understand how communication skills function in politics, activism, advocacy, and leadership in a variety of societies.  Through its lecturettes, activities, and team discussions, PAL is committed to helping young citizens find their “voice” as they navigate complex global environments.  
We employ both synchronous (via Zoom) and asynchronous (content review, virtual tours, etc.) formats to educate, illustrate, and motivate. The PAL team is also excited to creatively and thoughtfully present information from various perspectives and life experiences.  Discussions throughout the two weeks are expansive, including topics related to electoral systems around the world, leadership styles during the COVID-19 pandemic, social movements such as #blklivesmatter and #MeTooMVMT, political speech writing, civil rights struggles, the politics of “climate change,” among many others. 

Throughout the two weeks, we will all learn and talk about advocacy and communication as these are central for young people in both industrialized countries and developing nations. Unpacking and respecting complex real-life situations will be front and center throughout the PAL experience.
With COVID-19 on the minds of everyone, the PAL staff will encourage conversations related to this virus and its effects on a number of important issues, including community activism, social justice, civic engagement, public service, scandal/crisis management, grassroots organizing, and communicating with the media. Discussions beyond COVID-19 will, of course, be central as you “find your voice” through the various activities, seminars, guest speakers, and virtual field trips.
Whether you’re interested in what takes place behind the scenes or in front of an audience, the Institute rests upon the belief that young people can be active agents within your communities both today and in the future, and serve as ambassadors and advocates for various causes and issues.