Majors & Programs

Undergraduate Majors & Minors

Choose from a variety of communication, arts, and liberal arts programs

As an undergraduate student at Emerson College, you have the opportunity to choose from more than two dozen majors. To augment and enhance your primary course of study, you may choose from more than 40 minor programs. We also offer an interdisciplinary program that allows you to create your own major by combining courses across departments to support your unique academic area of interest.

In addition to studying at our Boston campus, you may spend a semester at our Los Angeles campus or our castle in the Netherlands; study in Paris through our Global BFA in Film Art; or choose from other learning options in Washington, DC; Spain; and more.


All of our BA, BFA, and BS programs have a unique focus on the arts, communication, or liberal arts. Courses are taught by leading experts and practitioners in the School of the Arts, the School of Communication, and the Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies.


If you feel like you’ve got more than one passion that you’d like to pursue here at Emerson, you’re not alone. In fact, many Emersonians find that selecting a minor can help supplement their major, and help design their perfect discipline.