Health & Safety

Emerson is providing this information based on its current plans and in accordance with health and safety information currently available. Emerson may, in its discretion, or under direction of government or health authorities, change plans regarding modalities of courses or activities, and physical access to any facilities.

As a student in the Politics, Activism, and Leadership Institute, you will:

  • Engage you as citizen-leaders in a complex and unpredictable political and cultural environment.
  • Prepare you for a variety of career leadership opportunities in municipalities, business/industry, and non-profit arenas.
  • Enlighten you to the various areas in which social injustice is perpetuated, including environmental rights, LGBTQIA rights, labor laws, health care access, sexism, racism, among many others.
  • Embolden you by providing you with important interpersonal and public communication skills as they relate to advocacy positions.
  • Enhance your public speaking skills by creating a Speech of Advocacy in which you will focus on a socially significant topic that you care about and wish to present to a relevant constituency.