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Often sexual assault, stalking, identity-based harm, and abusive relationships are talked about in mainstream US culture as if they are all distinct things, unrelated to one another. Yet, we know that they are all rooted in power and control; and we live in a society where power and control exists interpersonally, as well as systemically in the form of discrimination and oppression. In order to dismantle them and transform society, we need to unpack how we’ve internalized oppression and been conditioned to reinforce it, in order to turn towards new ways of being in relationship together. Whether for a class paper, professional project, community education, or personal growth, feel free to learn more about:

“Individually, and within our organizations, we can take a different look at our own internalized oppression and privilege, noting how it perpetuates itself even when we “mean to” do it differently… When looking at systems of oppression, we can begin to see the ways that these systems perpetuate themselves through violence and cooptation by rewarding participation in the system with safety, access and connection, while punishing participation that challenges or attempts to create alternatives to the system.” (Generative Somatics)