Course is full (or some variant of this)

If the course has a waitlist, you may add yourself to the waitlist.

Please note that the option to add yourself to a course waitlist will not be available after a certain point (see Academic Calendar). Note: waitlists are dissolved close to the start of the semester. After waitlists are dissolved, you may petition the course's professor to over-enroll into the class at the discretion of the professor. See for more information on over-enrolling.

Major/Program Restriction

Many courses are restricted to certain majors or graduate programs. You can click the course title on the course search results page to view which majors and programs are allowed (or not allowed). If you wish to petition for an exception, you can seek a registration permission.

Class Standing Restriction

Many courses are restricted to specific student classes (e.g., juniors, seniors). For the purposes of registration, your class standing does include your in-progress courses. If you wish to petition for an exception, you can seek a registration permission.

Missing Prerequisite

Many courses require you to have earned a passing grade in one or more other courses in a prior semester. You can click the course title on the course search results page to view which courses are needed. If you wish to petition for an exception, you can seek a registration permission.

This course is a duplicate of...

You cannot register for two sections of the same course (e.g. CC100-01 and CC100-02). If you are trying to register for multiple Topics courses you can contact the course's department assistant (see the Contacts tab on this page) for permission to be placed on your account.

Student Attribute Restriction

Student Attributes are commonly used for Online Only, LA, and Kasteel Well students. If you are approved to take your courses online, you will receive this error when registering for in-person Flex courses. Likewise, undergraduates not approved to take online courses will receive this error for online courses. Undergraduates cannot mix Flex and Online courses.

Kasteel Well and Los Angeles students will also get this error if registering for Boston courses.

Please double check the course listing by clicking on the course title and looking at the Restrictions section. If you think you received this message in error, please contact contact the Registrar's Office.

Level Restriction

Undergraduate students cannot register for graduate courses, and vice versa. If you get a level restriction error you are most likely trying to register for a course outside of your academic level. Courses are accredited at the undergraduate or graduate level so exceptions unfortunately cannot be made here. Even if you could take this course, its credits could not be counted toward your degree.

Maximum credit hours exceeded

For fall and spring courses, undergraduates cannot register for more than 16 credits during the first week of registration. After the first week, eligible undergraduate students will be able to register for 20 credits. If you are trying to overload a summer semester, or you would like to petition to have your overload eligibility requirements waived, please contact registrar [at] Students who will be studying in ELA should instead contact ELA_Academics [at]

Graduate students may not register for more than 14 credits. If you wish to petition for an exception, you must get permission from your Graduate Program Director and Graduate Studies

Linked Section Required

To register for TH221 Scene Study I or TH222 Scene Study II, you must register for both a regular section and any "voice & movement" section (these have a "V" in the section number). The section numbers do not need to correlate. For example, you can register for TH221-01 and TH221-V04. If you get this error for a course other than TH221 or TH222, or have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office.

This course cannot be repeated...

If you are registering for a Co-Curricular:

You will see this message if you've already received four non-tuition credits. If you think you are receiving this message in error, please contact the Registrar's Office.

If you are registering for any other course:

Most courses can only be taken for credit once. Some courses can be taken multiple times. If you get this error, you are hitting the course's "repeat limit."

No seats available. Note: course has reserved seats.

Either the course you're trying to register for is full, or the remaining seats in the course are reserved for other students. This is usually for Graduate courses that have seats set aside for Graduate Certificate students. Please note that the number of "Seats Available" on the course listing page does not reflect seats reserved for other students.