Voice Your Choice is Back!

Emerson students known Emerson best. That's why we created Voice Your Choice, a student-run philanthropy program that allows current students to vote on where they would like to allocate $100,000 in alumni donations. Continuing this fall (and following a pretty crappy end to a spring semester), students will once again vote on the area of support that they want to allocate their gift dollars towards. The Voice Your Choice Action Committee will partner with the Student Government Association to put together student ballots so you can cast your vote for your student representation and help out your fellow students through allocating gift dollars.

There is no denying it: things are going to be different this year as we work to navigate this “new normal” that we are in. We know that COVID-19 has impacted people in so many ways, and even as the College works to raise funds for students who are financially impacted, we want to continue to have a say in the ways in which alumni donations are allocated, and that is why we are continuing this program.

We will also be looking to partner with different organizations and departments across campus to hold (virtual) events, including multiple sessions with our incredible talented alumni across all fields.

Email voiceyourchoice [at] emerson.edu (voiceyourchoice[at]emerson[dot]edu) to learn more or get involved with the Voice Your Choice Student Action Committee. 

Take the quiz!

Find out what Area of Support you should choose by taking the quiz here!

How much money do we get to allocate? 

As Peter Parker's uncle said, "With great power comes great responsibility." So, the longer you have been at Emerson, the more responsibility you have: 

  • Class of 2021: $50,000
  • Class of 2022: $25,000
  • Class of 2023: $15,000
  • Class of 2024: Welcome to Emerson: take $10,000 to vote on! 

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