Earning Your Master's

After completing your 16-credit certificate program, you have the opportunity to roll your credits directly into our 36-credit Masters in Political Communication. For more information, please get in touch with your Graduate Program Director. 

Global Networking Opportunities

Emerson’s faculty and alumni span the globe, allowing you exclusive access to our professional networks. Our extensive network connects you to internship and employment opportunities. Our extensive network connects you to internship and employment opportunities. 

Students interested in international relations and European politics can study for a term in cities like Sydney, Barcelona, and Lisbon. Additionally, you will have opportunities to present research at national and global conferences as well as publication opportunities.

Our network has provided students with unique career-building opportunities such as:

  • Strategic communication, political, and advocacy support during the U.S. 2016 election, working with international journalists and the U.S. Embassy in Nepal
  • Nation-branding seminars in Iceland
  • Health communication workshops in Australia and New Zealand
  • Campaign work at the Iowa Caucus, California and New Hampshire primaries, and the Republican and Democratic Conventions
  • Canadian and Mexican election support

Career Outlook

Our approach to practical learning experiences ensures graduates complete the Political Communication (Certificate) program with the skills needed to advance their careers. 

Careers paths you can pursue post-graduation include:

  • Campaign managers
  • Speechwriters
  • Pollsters
  • Fundraisers
  • Event Managers
  • NGO advocates
  • Chiefs of Staff
  • Social Media Content Managers
  • Public Relations Strategists
  • Digital Strategy Managers
  • Public Affairs Managers

Student Resources


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