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Business of Creative Enterprises (BA)

Combine your creativity and your business savvy in one of the first majors of its kind in the US.

Before the film gets greenlit, the tour starts, the curtain goes up, or the board votes to break ground, there are scores of people who have nurtured, shaped, and developed the ideas that started it all. Emerson’s Business of Creative Enterprises (BCE) major is for those people – the creatives with a prowess for business; the business minds with a passion for the art.

The BCE major is among the first of its kind in the nation. With us, you will train to join the ranks of executives, managers, thought leaders, and innovators shaping the world and how we all move in it. You will study finance, aesthetics, economics, collaboration, marketing, and more – both in the classroom and in the field – alongside students, faculty, and staff who share your passion.

Our students learn to develop strategies and programs, identify cultural trends, tap into new markets, analyze financial statements, and assess risk. They become experts at determining community impact and managing the balance between the art and the business, as well as the politics and the bottom line.

The creative industry is one of the largest segments of the domestic and global economy, and it is growing and moving at the speed of light. Companies that could not be imagined a decade ago have transformed from disruptors to industry titans. In the BCE program, we teach you the art of business so that you graduate with the versatility to become a leader in this rapidly changing industry, and beyond.