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Undergraduate Business of Creative Enterprises (BA)

Combine your creativity and business savvy in one of the first majors of its kind in the US.

About the Undergraduate Business of Creative Enterprises Major

Before the film gets greenlit, the tour starts, the curtain goes up, or the album drops, there are scores of people who have nurtured, shaped, and developed the ideas that started it all. Emerson College’s Business of Creative Enterprises (BA) program is for those people—the creatives with a prowess for business and a passion for the arts and communication.

Housed in the School of Communication, the cross-departmental Business of Creative Enterprises (BCE) program will teach you the art of business. You will study finance, aesthetics, economics, and marketing—both in the classroom and in the field—alongside students, faculty, and staff who share your passion. This training will prepare you to join the ranks of executives, managers, thought leaders, and innovators shaping the world and how we all move in it.

Before BCE, I was always worried that I would never find a career that balanced my proclivity for business and my interest in the arts, but through taking courses that focus on the creative economy, I have realized the possibilities for a future where I enjoy my work are endless.

Real-World Experience Across the Creative Industries

Business of Creative Enterprises majors have ample opportunity to gain real-world learning experience. Here are a few examples:

  • During the senior residency program, all students spend two semesters working with a real-world client on marketing, branding, and community engagement. Recent clients include the Reagle Music Theatre of Greater Boston and New England Paradigm.
  • Students also work with real-world clients through the student organization EmComm, a student-run marketing agency. 
  • Many students participate and hold leadership positions in student performance organizations, such as Musical Theatre Society, Chuang Stage, and Emerson Comedy Workshop.
  • Through the BCE Ambassador Program, students gain leadership training and community-building experience by acting as liaisons between the program’s leadership and the students.

Careers for Business of Creative Enterprises Majors

Our BCE graduates seek careers in leading and managing businesses in the creative industries. They find roles at a variety of organizations, including production companies, fashion brands, cultural nonprofits, and advertising agencies. Examples of careers include:

  • Arts Administrator
  • Film Producer
  • Marketing Executive
  • Talent Manager

Recent Alumni Working in Creative Enterprises

  • Rebecca Bass, Senior Community Coordinator, IDEO
  • Grace Goodell, Casting Assistant, Jonathan Strauss Casting
  • Lily Marsh, Global Marketing Coordinator, New Balance
  • Maya Rubio, Former Events Coordinator, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

I really enjoy being a Business of Creative Enterprises major because of all the opportunities it gives me. Being able to pursue all of my various interests and have them apply to my degree has been amazing….I even got to take a class with Tim Gunn, where I created a pitch to create and launch a video game.

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