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Undergraduate Business of Creative Enterprises (Global BA)

Gain a global understanding of the creative industries in our dual-degree program with Franklin University Switzerland.

About the Undergraduate Global Business of Creative Enterprises Major

Having a globalized worldview is crucial for success in the creative industries in today’s interconnected society. Emerson College’s Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises program prepares the next generation of professionals who understand the art of business through an international lens.

In our dual-degree program with Franklin University Switzerland, you’ll spend the first two years of your undergraduate experience at Franklin’s campus in Lugano, Switzerland. You will take liberal arts and foundation courses with an international focus and participate in unique academic travel courses. Your final two years will be spent at Emerson, completing a professional major in the Business of Creative Enterprises. Housed in the School of the Communication, the cross-departmental program spans the topics of finance, aesthetics, economics, marketing, and more—both in the classroom and in the field—providing you with a global perspective on the creative industries.

Earn an Associate's Degree and a Bachelor of Arts

During your time in the program, you will spend:

  • Two years in Lugano, Switzerland. At Franklin, you’ll take liberal arts and foundational courses—with a special emphasis on International Management—and earn an associate’s degree. Surrounded by the Swiss Alps and situated on its namesake lake, Lugano is not only breathtaking, but is also the ideal home base for the Franklin experience: a high-quality liberal arts education and an exploration of the world and its people.
  • One summer and two years in Boston. In a city that’s a hotspot for entrepreneurs and start-ups, you’ll work alongside experienced faculty and students who share your passion for business. You’ll learn to develop strategies and programs, identify cultural trends, tap into new markets, analyze financial statements, and assess risk. 

Experiential Learning Experience Across the Creative Industries

Academic travel in your first two years at Franklin is one of the most distinctive elements of this program. It is integrated into a series of course offerings that take place during the regular semesters and include travel periods ranging from 10 days to 2 weeks. You will have the chance to study in locations such as Munich, Prague, Paris, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, and Iceland. In addition, you will have access to an array of experiential learning resources and cultural opportunities in both Lugano and Boston, including:

  • The First-Year Seminar, in which you’ll be paired with a professor in your desired discipline, focuses on Franklin's unique culture and the larger Swiss community and provides a basis for cross-cultural interactions and life in a multicultural environment;
  • Access to the LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Lugano’s new Arts Center, as well as numerous parks, shops, and restaurants, and outdoor activities;
  • Proximity to Milan, the commercial center of northern Italy, as well as easy access to other major European cities;
  • Free panels and events on Emerson’s Boston campus, featuring notable speakers and covering a variety of topics, such as:
    • The Global Streaming Economy
    • Data Analytics and Visualization for the Creative Economy
    • Business Ethics
    • Gentrification and the Creative City

Careers for Global Business of Creative Enterprises Majors

Our Global BCE graduates seek careers in leading and managing businesses in the creative industries. They find roles at a variety of organizations, including production companies, fashion brands, cultural nonprofits, and advertising agencies. Examples of careers include:

  • Arts Administrator
  • Film Producer
  • Marketing Executive
  • Talent Manager

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