Majors & Programs

Creative Writing (BFA)

Develop the talent and technique it takes to excel as a creative writer in our BFA program.

Nowhere is the power of the written word more revered and more reinforced than at Emerson. We know that words can catapult people out of their mindsets, throw them out of time, jolt them to rethink beliefs, and move them to introspection and tears. 

Our Creative Writing BFA is designed for the imaginative, the curious, and the poetic. It’s designed to give creative writers a place to expand their skills and experiment with offbeat ideas, novel approaches, and timeless topics. 

From literary history and theory to writing and composition to fiction and poetry, our writing courses give you a deep understanding of how writing as an art form has developed over time and across cultures. We challenge you to sharpen your writing skills and find your own voice, ensuring that you leave Emerson as a formidable communicator, and also a unique one. 

Here, you will learn from award-winning storytellers and poets and have access to an alumni network that includes New York Times–bestselling authors and Emmy-winning screenwriters. You will also have a chance to be published in one of Emerson’s celebrated literary journals and magazines like Redivider, em Magazine, The Emerson Review, Concrete Literary Magazine, Gauge, Stork, and Your Magazine—or intern for the award-winning Ploughshares.

At Emerson, we develop talent and teach technique. We impart theory and provide opportunities for practice. As a result, our graduates are well-positioned to succeed in creative writing—a life of provoking and persuading, entertaining and educating, imagining and inspiring.