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Journalism (BS)

Develop a convergent, multimedia approach to storytelling and reporting in our #1-ranked program.

There has never been a more exciting—and challenging—time to be a journalist. The public has unlimited appetite for information and news, and technology has generated an explosive diversity of media outlets. Meanwhile, market forces continue to disrupt and transform the profession, while critics fervently debate the role and future of a free press. 

In this turbulent, exhilarating environment, Emerson offers one of the nation’s most esteemed and elite undergraduate programs in journalism. Our Journalism BS gives students the skills and confidence to plunge into the swirling realms of politics, culture, social justice, and international crises. 

While technology has revolutionized how people consume news, we believe that the principles and values underlying journalism should remain the same. Our students learn to dig deep, tell compelling stories, and galvanize public awareness—all in keeping with time-honored ethical and professional standards. 

Our dedicated faculty of experienced professionals—from iconic institutions such as the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, CNN, and the Washington Post—will guide and challenge you as you prepare for a career of finding facts, moving minds, and shaping views.

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