Majors & Programs

Public Relations (BS)

Learn how to effectively communicate in a complex world with a degree that has unlimited applicability.

We live in a world of clashing interests, competing organizations, and super-charged media. Organizations need to cut through the noise to be heard and understood. Emerson’s Public Relations major equips students with the strategic, tactical, and organizational skills to practice the art and science of persuasion—and thus become future shapers of public understanding.

In our program, you will hone the softer, human approach of telling powerful stories as well as the hard skills of quantitative research and machine-driven marketing. You will become adept at integrating social media with face-to-face encounters and events. You will learn to plan strategically to realize an objective prized by your clients—and to remain adaptable enough to reframe arguments and mobilize advocates as circumstances change.

A degree in public relations has unlimited applicability. It can lead to a career in media relations, politics, public diplomacy, crisis communication, community relations, advocacy, special events, public affairs, investor relations, or corporate communication. 

Politicians, marketers, artists, executives, and entrepreneurs all strive to influence minds and behavior. When they need expert guidance, they turn to savvy practitioners of public relations—and if you master public relations at Emerson, they just may turn to you.