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Sports Communication (BS)

Develop the strategic communication skills you need for an array of sports industry careers.

You don’t need to put on a helmet and butt heads to make an impact in the world of sports. As a team executive, player agent, PR rep, entrepreneur, data analyst, or marketing strategist, you can thrill the competition and influence the games you love. These fields are complex and challenging, but they are well within reach of students who earn our unique Sports Communication degree

This program equips students for a variety of professional roles in the sports they love. It combines the academic discipline of strategic communication with hands-on, immersive education in each student’s desired professional field.

Sports today is wide open to a new generation of professionals. Money pours in from fans, investors, and marketers. Sweeping forces of marketing and technology transform the industry. A new generation of fans and entrepreneurs funds enterprises in gaming, eSports, fantasy sports, data analytics, and merchandising. Emerson’s program comprises core courses and electives that train students to thrive in this environment as they master data analytics, social media, web design, and mobile communication. You will learn new techniques from our experienced faculty and deepen your appreciation for the culture of sports. 

Whatever specialty you embrace, you will be well prepared by both academic study and in-the-business experiences to make your mark in today’s dynamic and flourishing sports industry.