Ready Wit Award in Comedy

The Ready Wit is an honor bestowed upon a person whose significant, innovative contributions to the comedic arts affects societal change in a fashion that best exemplifies the spirit of Emerson College, as expressed in our motto, “Expression Necessary to Evolution.” 
The “Ready Wit” is Aristotle’s term for the type of comedian who strives for truth, whose jokes are informed by education and a keen understanding of human nature. Beyond Aristotle’s definition, the term implies a sense of urgency and agency, a type of comic who is “at the ready” to jump into action, to answer their calling, and address the most pressing issues of the day.

Previous Recipients

The Center for Comedic Arts at Emerson College presented the inaugural Ready Wit Award in Comedy honoring writer, producer, and comedian Raphael Bob-Waksberg, creator of BoJack Horseman, on Friday, October 30, 2020. Watch Raphael Bob-Waksberg's remarks: