Apply to Emerson College using the Common Application or the Emerson Application. Select BFA Theatre Design/Technology as your major.

Within 2 to 3 business days after receiving your application to Emerson College, the Office of Undergraduate Admission will email you an Emerson Admission Office ID Number that you will submit as a part of your Artistic Application on Acceptd. Although transcripts and recommendations are a required part of the application due at the application deadline, they are not a requirement for receiving an Emerson Admission Office ID Number.

As soon as you have your Emerson Admission Office ID Number you are ready to submit an Artistic Application and schedule an interview.

Submit an Artistic Application through Acceptd

  1. Start an Artistic Application to BFA Theatre Design/Technology on Acceptd
  2. Complete the form & upload the following:
    • Resume & Headshot: a 1-page theatrical resume and headshot/selfie.
    • Portfolio: Please upload a portfolio consisting of up to 20 creative samples that document your work in the theatre but may also include:
      • Art sketches
      • Paintings
      • Video or audio
      • Photos of scale models, ceramics, or sculptures
      • Evidence of fashion design and construction techniques
      • Evidence of fashion hair and make-up techniques
      • Jewelry designs
      • Computer graphics
      • Graphic designs
      • Evidence of special engineering or mechanical skills
      • Photography
      • Evidence of puppetry design and construction techniques
  3. Pay the non-refundable Artistic Application fee of $27

Schedule and Complete an Interview through Acceptd

Applicants to BFA Theatre Design/Technology are required to schedule themselves into a virtual interview conducted through Acceptd’s AuditionRoom platform. Our virtual interviews begin with a brief information session/Q & A with Performing Arts Staff and students before individually scheduled 30-minute time slots.

More specific information and instructions will be provided in Acceptd.

You can read more about BFA Theatre Design/Technology here.