Apply to Emerson College using the Common Application or the Emerson Application. Select BFA Theatre Education & Performance as your major.

Within 2 to 3 business days after receiving your application to Emerson College, the Office of Undergraduate Admission will email you an Emerson Admission ID Number that you will submit as a part of your Artistic Application on Acceptd. Although transcripts and recommendations are a required part of the application due at the application deadline, they are not a requirement for receiving an Emerson Admission ID Number.

Your Emerson Admission ID Number will arrive in an email with the subject line "Thank you for applying to Emerson College!" along with your Username and PIN for the Emerson Application Portal. You may need to scroll down in the email to retrieve your Emerson Admission ID Number.

As soon as you have your Emerson Admission ID Number you are ready to submit an Artist Application schedule and complete an audition.

Submit an Artistic Application

  1. Submit an Artistic Application to BFA Theatre Education & Performance on Acceptd by completing the form and uploading the following:
    • Resume & Headshot: a 1-page theatrical resume and headshot/selfie
  2. Pay the non-refundable Artistic Application fee of $27

Schedule and Complete an Audition through Acceptd

Applicants to BFA Theatre Education & Performance are required to schedule themselves into an acting audition. Your audition time-frame and modality/location will vary based on your scheduling selections within Acceptd.

  • Monologue: Please prepare two 1 to 3 minute contrasting monologues from two contemporary plays (1950s-present). 

The Audition Day

For this admission cycle we will be offering three different types of auditions:

  • In-person in Boston auditions scheduled in a three-hour block which includes an information session/Q & A with Performing Arts Faculty & Staff and a flexible “volunteering" system to determine the audition order. 
  • In-person auditions outside of Boston that begin with a brief information session/Q & A with Performing Arts Faculty before individually scheduled audition time slots.
  • Virtual auditions conducted through Acceptd’s AuditionRoom platform which begin with a brief information session/Q & A with Performing Arts Faculty and Staff before individually scheduled audition time slots.

Please be advised that not all audition types are available during every part of the admission cycle. 

While these three types of auditions offer different timings, the modality and location of the audition that you schedule for yourself will have no bearing whatsoever on your admission decision.

You can read more about BFA Theatre Education & Performance here.